Best Dream (traducción al Polaco)


Best Dream

If you want it, you want it so bad, you’ve got to go for it,
Best words I was taught from my dad, I’m gonna go for it,
People telling me that I’m mad, a freakin' lunatic,
But I don’t care its all that I have, so I’m gonna go for it
I guess then I’ll put on a show, put on a show for it,
It might be all that unknown, but I’m well known for it,
And it’s the only dream that I have
I’m gonna go for it.
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In the edit, I only changed the title... This lyric is about my project which is my dream. I want to learn at least 23 of my lyrics in 23 languages. I am writing a book about the project which will either evidence or suggest the possibility of synchronicity in the form of numbers.

traducción al PolacoPolaco
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(Wasn't One)

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Gdy pragniesz czegoś, gdy pragniesz czegoś mocno, musisz osiągnąć to
Największe słowa których nauczył mnie tata, osiągnę to
Ludzie mówią mi że jestem szalona, ze jestem pieprzonym wariatem
A mnie to nie rusza bo to wszystko co mam, więc osiągnę to
Może nawet będę musiała udawać, pokazać się by osiągnąć to
Może nic nie wiadomo, ale wszyscy o mnie wiedzą to
I to jest jedne marzenie jakie mam –
Więc osiągnę to
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So kindly translated in 2017 - just found this now Regular smile

líadanlíadan    Mar, 27/07/2021 - 17:26

Translation source removed because it is invalid. In the future, leave such comments in the Author's comments (be specific about who or where you got the translation from) and only add links in the translation source, thank you.

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