Better Half

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Idiomatic translations of "Better Half"

Bedre halvdel
Lepšia/druhá/vaša polovička (manžel/ka, priatel/ka.)
Media naranja
Inglés #1, #2, Ruso
kabiyak ng dibdib
Ame soeur
Other Half
dolce metà
L'altra metà della mela / L'anima gemella
Metade da laranja/ Alma gêmea
suflet pereche
Italiano, Rumano #1, #2
вторая половина (чья-то)
diğer yanı/tarafı

Significado de "Better Half"


husband or wife , partner

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Die Ehehälfte

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Kurdo (Kurmanji)

هاوسەر ، چ ژن چ مێرد

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همسر ، زن یا شوهر

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Bolja/lepsa polovina

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hayat arkadaşı

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"Better Half" en letras

Ghali - Dear Italy

Oh eh oh, I reply: "I'm already here"
Oh eh oh, I.L.Y. dear Italy
Oh eh oh, you're my better half
Sto 1

  • 1. "Sto" is just slang with no real meaning behind

Jonny Houlihan - Couldn't Love You More

You're my missing peace
My saving grace
I found my better half

Farruko - Obsessed

Like the bible says
My soul mate
My better half,
In my heart.

Umberto Tozzi - I love you

The love we are making in bed
keeps me from my better half
Today I'm going back to her.

Carla Morrison - I'll never go back

You'll always be
My other better half
My other better half

Julión Álvarez - The Mandatory Smile

The name of a person
That now causes me to cry
It's called my better half ..

La Otra - With you

I won't die if you are not here
I can walk very good without you
I don't miss you neither you are my better half in life
I will learn to heal myself all my wounds

Nek (Italy) - Come forward, my love

Can you hear the noise of a single heart?
Let's split it in two
I'll keep for you its better half

Ghali - Tears

There's someone who talks but doesn't know anything about my voodoo issues,
And there's someone who leaves everything halfway through, there's also someone who never stops,
And there's someone who leaves their better half, but please don't cry mon amour,
Please don't cry mon amour,

Sid Sriram - Better half Better half

Better half..better half..come..
Life's are..
Better half better half..come..
My breaths..breaths..

Marco Borsato - Zij

She is always there
She makes me part of her large whole
She is better half
Of me

Hossein Tohi - Would you dance with me?

You stepped into my life and I didn't lack you anything
You are my better half and I never lost you of my sight
Your eyes are like the sky and your sobbings are like the clouds

Ardian Bujupi - We are one

I'm not me when you're not here
Hey babe you're my better half

Leonid Filatov - The Tale of Soldier Fedot, The Daring Fellow

You and I will get along,
I'm Marusya, your good wife,
Or should I say, your better half.
Why are you silent? Have you got

Andy Lau - You Are My Woman

Nobody wants to let his loved one
kissing somebody else
Only a man who doesn't understand his better half
will hardly hurt a woman

Morat - Before twenty

I want to fall in love more than a thousand times,
To lose count,
To be able to distinguish my better half,
If she finds me,

Vuk Mob - Heineken

While she stepping on everyone
threathings to waiters and friends
better half
disappeared in club full of smoke

Liv and Maddie (OST) - Better in Stereo

The half I'll never be
The half that drives me crazy
You (you) the better half of me (me)
The half I'll always need

Fey - The other half

You, my compliment
My better half
I already love you

Sabrina Carpenter - Seamless

I'll see you in the evening
My best friend till the end
My better half no pretend
Our language is sacred