Better Half

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Better Half (Inglés) — husband or wife , partner

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Better Half — asawa

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Better Half — Die Ehehälfte

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Better Half — هاوسەر ، چ ژن چ مێرد

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Better Half — همسر ، زن یا شوهر

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Better Half — hayat arkadaşı

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Las traducciónes de "Better Half"

DanésBedre halvdel
EslovacoLepšia/druhá/vaša polovička (manžel/ka, priatel/ka.)
EspañolMedia naranja
Inglés #1, #2, Ruso
Filipino/Tagalogkabiyak ng dibdib
FrancésAme soeur
InglésOther Half
Italianodolce metà
ItalianoL'altra metà della mela / L'anima gemella
Rumanosuflet pereche
Rusoвторая половина (чья-то)
Turcodiğer yanı/tarafı

"Better Half" en letras

      You (you) the other half of me (me)
      The half I'll never be
      The half that drives me crazy
      You (you) the better half of me (me)
      The half I'll always need
      But we both know we're better in stereo

Dove Cameron - Better in Stereo

Can you hear the noise of a single heart?
Let's split it in two
I'll keep for you its better half

Come forward, my love

Nek - Come forward, my love

This love we have is forever.
Like the bible says
My soul mate
My better half,
In my heart.
You are the one I send

Farruko - Obsessed

You plus me, it equals better math.
Ya boy a good look but, she my better half.
I'm already bossin', already flossin'.
But why I have the cake if it ain't got the sweet frostin'? (yep yep yep yep).

Ne-Yo - Make me better

"One day my prince will come."
So I'll wait for that date.
They say it's hard to meet your match,
Gotta find my better half.
So we make perfect shapes.
If stars don't align,

Katy Perry - Not like the movies

For speaking out of turn
There’s someone I’ve been missing
I think that they could be
The better half of me
They’re in the wrong place trying to make it right
But I’m tired of justifying

OneRepublic - Come Home

She holds me tight makes me free
She is always there
She makes me part of her large whole
She is better half
Of me

Marco Borsato - Zij

and flapping it's wings

The love we are making in bed
keeps me from my better half
Today I'm going back to her.
May will come! Grits... find and courage!

Umberto Tozzi - I love you

The whole night

You, my compliment
My better half
I already love you
Without words

Fey - The other half

You don't need to be sad because my heart belongs to you only
Because you are my better half, no matter how far away you are
I go with you through hell, through the fire, no matter what happens
I am there for you and you are there for me, for ever

Xavier Naidoo - Days and hours

[Minho] Yeah, I’m waiting for you
Cause you’re my better half

[Key] Our love should go on

SHINee - Love still goes on

Even if you're not next to me
I'm not me when you're not here
Hey babe you're my better half


Ardian Bujupi - We are one

I'll just go with her
Save her for me
Cause you're my path in life
You're my better half

When I'm tired or scared

Eyal Golan - Path for life

Good morning, you're leaving
I'll see you in the evening
My best friend till the end
My better half no pretend
Our language is sacred
No people try to solve it

Sabrina Carpenter - Seamless

but the one I need
for thousands of years

I found my soulmate, my better half, ici, on your side
I don't have any other heart to cross

Najoua Belyzel - Celui Qu'il Me Faut

You're my better half

Oh, oh baby you're my better half
Ooh, hey baby you're my better half

Keith Urban - You're My Better Half

Everyday with you its an amazing gift
Monday to Sunday always presently
You are sweetly my delirium, my better half
You know, you know me, you convince me gently
You have that something that makes you diferent

Jesse & Joy - Foreverly

You are my better half
Spent every day with you
Without your better half
The courage is missing, I am missing the strength

Herbstrock - The better half

She holds me and sets me free
She is always there for me
She makes me a part of her whole
She is the better half
Of me

Marco Borsato - She

I cannot decide, who of us both
Cannot decide, who of us both
Cannot decide, who of us both
Is my better half

Take one of the pills, it will make you taller

Jennifer Rostock - My better half

I got a better half with me.
But she won't say anything.
Now you got to listen,
the past won't be lost if you're not here.

Let me tell about it.

Wyke van Weelden - I Do Love

Woke up tonight, looked at the moon
Blinding light filled up my room
Looked to my right – my better half
And it’s alright, if it’s all I have
I let it ride, I’m satisfied

Musiqq - Angel In Disguise

Let's lookk for an exit without fearing to kill each other

No, maybe I'm not your better half,
so what if today you see me leaving and you don't even care
if you're giving this up,

Pablo Alborán - Coldness

Don't say that daddy

Loneliness threw my soul into burning fire again
The one I thought of as my better half, sold me out on my hardship days
Your dad teases you, your mother teases you
You are my flower, and my basil, your shade teases me

Gulsanam Mamazoitova - Lullaby

I hate my heart for letting me let go of you.
We are one, you are earth and I'm water.
Remember, wherever you are,
That you'll always be my better half...

Tamta - My Better Half

You stepped into my life and I didn't lack you anything
You are my better half and I never lost you of my sight
Your eyes are like the sky and your sobbings are like the clouds
Your tears are like the rain, even if there is just one drop

Hossein Tohi - Would you dance with me?

Beautiful boy
How on earth did I do something worth deserving you?
My better half
How I cherish through and through every part of you
I do

Christina Aguilera - Without You

she holds me, liberates me
she's always there
she makes me part of her greater self
she's the better half
of me

Marco Borsato - She

Dreams but can not come true
Two hearts bumping ah to each other ah
Nobody wants to let his loved one kissing somebody else
Only a man who doesn't understand his better half will hardly hurt a woman
Mistakes become a destiny

Andy Lau - You Are My Woman

And run together till the end
Hand by hand
just one kiss from you
to be your better half in this life
the rest of my days

La Oreja de Van Gogh - Escape

Are a gift that is
sent from heaven
Thank you, lady
My better half,
you are mine
You are my love

4men - Thank You

Now that my life isn't the life of my life
Now that I don't have as much panache[fn]I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean. It seems to be made from 'empanaché', which isn't even a word, and 'dés-', which negates it.[/fn]
That I'm not hungry anymore
That I'm without my better half
Now, now
Now, I forget

Jean-Pierre Ferland - Now

It's a circle game (it's a circle game)
Nothing's gonna change (nothing's gonna change)
Better half of me is telling me to lose your name,
And I get lost in the sound and I can't find my way out

The Cheetah Girls - Circle Game

Hey, sister Brutus
I've got a mess of a better half, ow
Hey, sister Judas
Even you never had my back.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Even You Brutus

One step to heaven
Poison that that much needs you

You are always better half
Sometimes lamb, sometimes snake
Mine or anyone else's

Riblja Čorba - I am still same fool

You're just givin it all, giving it all away,
You're just givin it all, giving it all away, hey, hey yayayay

Try and find your better half now
Open your eyes, and find yourself

Ashlee Simpson - Giving It All Away

You, the way you are"

You make me happy
You magnify my better half
You make me certain
Though all I have today is your photograph

Incubus - Monuments And Melodies

You're everything I need
A luck that breaks chains

You're my better half
The half with substance
You flatten all waves for me

Ella Endlich - Until all eternity

I will shout loudly if you say me
again tonight
"I love you, I hate you, but for me you are
my better half"

C:Real - My better half

Did you try to pass the point deny the holder's job?
If your heart lays with the rebel would you cheer the underdog?

When the better half is careful do you take the cheaper way?
Do you recognize your conscience when there's danger in fair play?
Is your mind in twilight guiding the constant noncommittal fog?

Black Sabbath - The Rebel

You know we gave you all we had
And still the arrow finds you
The better half of me

3 - The Better Half Of Me

I might bite into an andouillette [a type of sausage]. Apparently one out of ten
Doesn’t smell like the bottom of a toilet.
I’d live happily and calmly
Next to my better half
Supposedly there’s one in a thousand
Without another woman’s shoes in his closet.

Lynda Lemay - If I Was Optimistic

Word, just a word.
You will go until the end, I'll leave the apartment.
Rage, rage remains.
And do not seem to me that we are each other's better half,
these days ..

Vukašin Brajić - Thunder and Lightning

In good and bad times

Friends are your
better half
the heart
that which doesn't expect change

Cebollitas - A Friend is...

I know you love me
And always will

My better half it's true
Has seen the darker side of you
Innocence stripped away

London After Midnight - Kiss

All night long

You, my complement
My better half
I already love you
Without speaking

Fey - My Better Half

You and I will go so far
You and I will light the dark
You're the better half of me
You're the only half I need

You Me at Six - Wild Ones

I used to pray for you but we're through

My half, my better half
The half that knows nothing of ethic or moral stance
Incestuous touching, ain’t something she’s afraid to dream

KING 810 - Desperate Lovers

And I don't have a drinking problem, 'cept when I can't get a drink
And I wish you'd a-known her, we were quite a pair,
She was sharp as a razor and soft as a prayer
So welcome to the continuing saga, she was my better half, and I was just a dog
And so here am I slumped, I've been chipped and I've been chumped on my stool
So buy this fool some spirits and libations, it's these railroad station bars

Tom Waits - Bad Liver And A Broken Heart

got me feeling -Oooh- got me feeling -Oooh- mad love, mad love

We got that L O V E, the kind that makes you mad,
I put up with your crazy cause I’m your better half,
I think I like the challenge because I love to win,
you know you got the talent, pressing all my buttons in

The Veronicas - Mad Love


If I could find assurance to leave you behind
I know my better half would fade
I'll follow you down.

Shinedown - I'll follow you

I'm fully focusing and at the same time neglecting you
Lifework is eating up my life together with you
Feels like other's always absent from other
If from the other I could choose the better half
But one can only change themself and not the other
And when I called our fight made us both feel down

Elastinen - Be mine somewhere there

Ah ah ah

I wondered a hundred, a thousand times
I am not a king, nor an emperor
then what have I done to get this queen
in my bed, in my arms

Alberto Sordi - Has anyone ever told you where...

She holds me makes me free
She’s always there
Yes she makes me part of her big whole
She is the better half
of me

Marco Borsato - She

Someone who understands exactly what I mean
That's who I be
I'm a woman, I need a strong man
Someone who understands the better half of me
That is just what I need

Sarah Connor - Better Half

Man's behind himself, Am I inside myself

Chaos and hate shadow me, hate it fills me up
Only one thing makes me feel, missing better half of me

Black is all I feel, so this is how it feels to be free

Alice in Chains - Am i inside

A friend of mine tried to kill himself to the same song

My better half is mad at makin' magic outta can goods
My tax bracket status got her questionin' my manhood
My shorty got caught smokin' weed at a concert

Atmosphere - Guarantees

I would ask you to look so far
as a few of your bedroom laughs
before rushing to the altar
arm in arm with your better half.

This sure is such intimate stuff,

Leïla Huissoud - Cuckolds

There's just cold after you, I want you to go away
I'll walk by myself now, why don't you go away

Also that better half makes mistakes
even though one could think differently
I gave my all to you

Antti Tuisku - Restless

Oh, can I, said with a sigh, call you my boyfriend

Man toy, lover boy, come over here and bring me joy
Better half, sweetie pie, lovin' on the fly guy
Ain't just a bootie call, I'm on the way
My pictures on the wall and I'm here to stay

Laura Bell Bundy - Boyfriend?

Daughter found it and had a panic attack
Plus you ain't had sex in how long?
Afraid to admit that the fire's all gone
The better half is talking about separate
You wish you could take it back to yesterday
You not alone, it's hard as hell

Atmosphere - The Best Day

My woman, my sister
My better-half
Of meat apple, apple

Djavan - The Wind

Hoard endorphins, expensive without the company[fn]Reference to Systembolaget (the System Company), sometimes called bolaget (the company) which is a government-owned chain of liquor stores. They are the only stores allowed to sell strong liquor for consumption at other places then in bars[/fn]
Because our bar is open today

What should you think about your better half
We are supposed to feel good, why restrict and limit yourself
Because we all want to succumb for temptation

Zacke - Open today

I am what you need

So you think of all the things that make you sad
And don't include them in your better half
Because I'm not like you
I don't find happiness in a meaningless existence

Flatsound - I'm So Concerned About The Ending That I Don't Even Know The Plot

I guess I'm my own better half
I guess I'm my own better half
Whoa, yeah
I guess I'm on my own

Fall Out Boy - Growing Up

She was passing through to climb a hill
As you slipped and slid on my gut spill
My better half was praying for you to fall

Praying for you to fall

Alkaline Trio - As You Were