Bir Seni Konuşurum (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

I only talk about you

by the evening stepped to the lttle coffe house by the coast
i sat near the friends
and ordered a hot tea
in the thin belly glass ( it s a small glass with thin shaped that turksh ppl use for tea )
everyone talked about somethng
some shared a secret
frankly conversaton was intense
fears and surrows get smaller when u talk( share)
and talked about you
i realize when i was talking
start and end wth you
i m all about you
and prisoner because of your love
i find somethng that reminds me of you
i forget my sides and be clumsy ( means i forget myself)
i went deep through in to (thoughts) and become yours
i stop talking and dont say anythng else but i talk about you
i only talk about you
i always talk about you
my words are little surrowed and painly on the nihavend* way
without caring about place or time i talk about your love
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Bir Seni Konuşurum

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