In the black

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Meanings of "In the black"


to be successful or profitable

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in a financially profitable condition

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(In business) If a person or a company is in the black, their assets are greater than their debt. (Hence why Black Friday is called "Black Friday.")

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прибыльная работа, "в плюсе", доходная работа

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Sa pozitivnim saldom na računu. U plusu.

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karlı kazançlı çalışma, karagetiren, zarar etmeyen işletme

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"In the black" en letras


Music dances in the back
This party will cover us
In the black car
Only take me!

ATEEZ - Say My Name

I’m running once again
Toward the fireworks in the black calendar

POLO & PAN - Canopy

Back to the sources, a life without artifice
The two of us in the forest, far away from the bad
In the black and luxurious torpor
Of a jungle full of exuberant lianas

Zaz - Dazzled by the night

Dazzled by the night with mortal lights,
a last lap with death at the end.
I waited for you a hundred years in the black and white streets;
You came whistling.

José Larralde - Beautiful Neuquén

From the wind is heard a serenade.
Tucos the moon lights up
In the black braid of my Araucanian. [fn]Member of a group of South American Indians that are now concentrated in the fertile valleys and basins of south-central Chile[/fn]

CLC - Black Dress

A black dress for you
Oh oh oh oh
I’m in the black dress

Eivør - Broken

Into an open world that can hold you

Dancing wildly in the black night
Don´t know the morning yet

Paradosiaká (Greek Traditional Songs) - VIOLETS AND HYACINTHS


EXO - Hurt

In your breath,my earnest heart melts and cries
at the very moment ,in case it becomes ash,I spread my arms to the empty space above
In the black-blue dawn, a dreamy voice calls, Who knows?

Alphonse de Lamartine - The Lake

Let it be in your stills and in your storms,
Fair Lake, in your cavorting sloping sides,
In the black pine trees, in the savage rocks
That hang above your tides;

Homayoun Shajarian - Hey, News Bearer.

Fall has come, Fall has come to commit mischief,
A breeze has gone wandering,
In the black night, in the dark night, from left and from right, from afar, and from near, someone is shouting, shout.
Hey, You sadness that like a Night hag,

Yuri Vizbor - Wintery song

Two windows safeguard a deep blue evening,
In the black vista, two fairytales live,
And the lunar birth appears to be suspended

Kim Ryeowook - The Little Prince

Before, you’d smile at each little thing

As I count the stars that are spread in the black sky
I know that it’s so hard

Still Corners - Black Lagoon

To an island in the black lagoon
To an island in the black, black
To an island in the black, black

José Larralde - Quimey Neuquén

A serenade heard in the wind.
The moon cues the fireflies
In the black braid of my Araucana.

Natasha Blume - Black Sea

Where do we land in the black sea?
Uuuuh in the black sea
Where do we land in the black sea?

Dawn (South Korea) - Phobia

In the black sound that holds me
My body will get smaller
In the end, I'm invisible
Drifting away, stuck in the horizon with nobody

La Femme - Packshot

Revenge, hatred, evening violence
You see day in the black
You see day in the black

Carlos Vives - The Purse

Come true
And to be your ray of light
In the black night
To let you have the things that I

Edoardo Vianello - The Watusi

We are the Watusi

In the Black Continent
At the foot of Kilimanjaro