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01. I see your smile,
02. I remember my pain,
03. But my heart does not listen,
04. And I make the same mistake (again).
05. Let it be so, I'll let you play
06. In love today.
[Chorus] (2 times)
07. Call me your sweetheart,
08. And then hold me, and then cheat on me,
09. While a cute wristwatch laughs,
10. Tick-tock,
11. Don't think twice, just love.
12. Tick-tock.
13. The rain cries outside,
14. I'll drink for my misfortune,
15. And it does not matter,
16. That I made the same mistake (again).
17. Let it be so, I'll let you play
18. In love today.
[Chorus] (2 + 2 times)
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Alternative translations:
"02. It brings back my pain,"
"03. But my heart does not care,"

Translation: N.M.Sh., June 2019, Ufa.

Chasiki (Часики)

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