Flëur - Chelovek 33 cherty (Человек 33 черты) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

A Man Of 33th Character

Friends asked me to stay and I haven't gone home.
I'm sitting, trying to speak, watching you like a movie.
You are real and I don't know why but I'm afraid of it.
World of strange and mystic dreams absorbs me
Your heart is like a stone, the stone is like wax,
But mine has been broken five minutes ago
If you touch me I'll die in the moment
Will be broken in many drops, splash walls with the drops
How can I call you? A man of 33th character
Are you love or hate?
I'd like to know: shall I stay or run away,
To save myself or go on?
Can you lie, will you understand my jokes Or maybe you are deadly boring?
How can I understand what I will see diamonds in the sky
Or wild jealous face?
I think I won't drink (alcohol) - it can't help With riding a carousel, with goose skin.
It's such a pleasant to look at you from a corner,
To watch your looks and gestures like in a slow movie
I won't let you down, my care is useful
If a beginning is good a final will be bad and terrible.
Better if I hide like a pearl in a shell
And sink donw in the depth, I have to do it.
I have to say that I'm 32 thorns
Thorns are acts, thorns are words
Try to understand: should you stay or run away
Save yourself or go on
I'm 32 battles, better if you fighting than crying and weeping .
Kicks and offences harden (costs of) my fate
System of my personal safety
It had happened and I was very pity for it. My heart started to beat again, didn't turned to crust
Instead of everything it sings again
But I'm not sure if your heart can sing too
Man of 33tj, if you can you should understand me
And I'll try too If you want to say - say it
If we want breathe together
We should do even one step
All words are less important than things behind them
You should even know my name
I'm the man 32, I'm real and can feel
I'm like a stone flying against a face
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Chelovek 33 cherty (Человек 33 черты)