Cherep i kosti (Череп и кости) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Skull and bones

When I am alone, I beg God,
Saying him: "What's up, old chap?
Maybe you're tired and don't care about anything
And dark times came?"
When I am in a croud, I cry to him: "My Lord,
Take away your gingerbread, hide your whip,
We are standing in the edge of abyss for years,
Isn't it time to push us down?"
When I am in the forest, I'm howling as a wolf,
I'm flouncing and possesed.
My Lord! I've lost, strayed, perished, dear me!
Turn me on this damned GPS!
Pave me the way, all in all, do something
For me to go out from this forest and find my home,
My Lord, just call me once via mobile,
To convince me you are online.
When I am in water, I am just like a cramp-fish,
I am glowing with electricity, I'm not swimming, I'm flying,
My Lord, add some money to my card,
And I will fly anywhere I want.
My God, i will open to you all my bank accounts and safes,
Sorry, they all are empty,
My Lord, can I do a selfie with you,
To drive all the atheists out to the bushes?
My Lord, if you will be near, be my guest,
We will sit, smoke, talk about life,
And, by the way, I bequeath you my skull and bones
Nobody else need it anyway.
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Cherep i kosti (Череп и кости)