Chetor Delet Omad (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

How could you?

How could you leave with thousands of memories?
Why am I being penalized beside this window.
How could you leave? How could you become evil?
How could you pass me when I was intensely loneliness.
How could you be this unkind toward me?
Maybe even right now, you are thinking of me.
How could you leave me alone?
You chased your own life,
You did not say that maybe I can not.
I am still heavyhearted.
I still want you to return.
Even with knowing that you might not want me anymore
let me make it easy for you.
I will not go away from your dreams.
I want to die slowly , beside this windows, when I remember you.
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Chetor Delet Omad