Letra de Miss Chang


Miss Chang

[Verse 1: Taiwan MC]
No me don't carry no gun
'n in me pack it's strictly musical
Weapon n' and 'n me style
And fashion, call me lyrical
Gee, I won, (G.I.1?)
Cool like I an'
Stronger than Goliath
Like David starts a riot
Yo, G like Taiwan
Makes number one Tai smoker
MC stomp on, 'n call my lyrics murder
Grand King Taiwan
Cooler and deadly officer
Lift up the mind, they call me chapter rinser (?)
Ah, we rinse it, rinse it, rinse it up proper
Turn up the sound and push up the master
Musical slaughter, they call disaster
Chaos they said: the whole place burn fire
Fire burn them, imposters and traitors
No me no want no more of them two-faced liars
Tell them we are tired are you kill this man: uh?
Now I wanna deal with music creator...
[Verse 2: Cyph4]
Drop concise wisdom and vision when I represent the time
Feeling blessed in this profession when the stress is left behind
Testing my progression, how the intellect’s designed
Sound escape within the tape deck
Inspiration press rewind
Sending energy on reminiscing vibe
Felt the wisdom in the rhythm through the television lies
Felt deception, pressure when the people equal hatred
So I get in the grooves like Chinese Man and needle placement...
[Verse 3: Taiwan MC]
Oh, and the champion
Look what they done
Look on piquant a vision (?)
Session of the rock when me ride the version
Man, the fat man will he come to sound bees knees
The rub a dub we feel
We kill them with the sweetness
Listen when me sing
Some' to make you swing
A long ride, a long girl, niceness we bring
Hybrid material, ears gonna ring
Long time after Mack who leave the dance holler
No me don't want no bling (lies)
Style, a mi ain't no thing, they are tight
We are no promote nothing bright
'Cept for guns and bye-byes
Gotta be wiser
We gotta be wise!
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