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traducción al Inglés


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The ordinary things in life
leave us no Saudade (remembering back /hurting nostalgia feeling)
Only the memories that hurt
Or once made us laugh
Some people remain in the history
of the history of people
and some others
we don't ever recall having heard about
The emotion is what gives life
to the Saudade I carry in me
All the feelings I had for you
and I lost, in the end
Some days leave a mark in the soul
and the life of people
and that day when you left me behind
I shall never forget
The rain kept pouring down my face,
So cold and so tired
And all streets in the city
I had gone through them before
Ohhh... my little lost girl cry
was shouting out to the city
that the fire of love had just vanished
right there under the rain
The rain heard my cry and silenced
my hidden secret from the city
And all of a sudden the rain hits back the window glass
Bringing back the Saudade...
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