Chuva (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


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The vulgar things in life
Do not miss it
Only the memories that hurt
Or make you smile
There are people who stay in history
Of people's history
And others of whom neither the name
We remember hearing
They are emotions that give life
I miss it, I bring it.
The ones I had with you
And I ended up losing
There are days that mark the soul
And people's lives
And the one where you left me
I can not forget
The rain was wetting my face.
Frosty and tired
The streets that the city had
I had already traveled
Oh my crying girl lost
Shouted to the city
That the fire of love under rain
A few moments ago he died
The rain heard and shut up.
My secret to the city
And behold, she beats the glass
Bringing the longing
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