Arabic Songs with Transliteration (for easy learning)

Creado por SaintMark en 11 Jul 2018

i only added songs with halfway proper transcript, which is less than
every 10th song that claims to have an actual transcript.

Probably its simply cause arab speakers have their own websites
and don't care much about english, since it's kindof the other side of the coin.
Cause really I've rarely seen a language with such sloppy entries.


Worked the list of arab performers from top to bottom so the
good songs are probably not in here but elsewhere.
Hope its helpful to arabic learners anyway.

As i learn more arabic i can make better lists with better singers,
that can deliver great songs by the boatload.
arab performers represented:
Nancy Ajram
Amr Diab
Tamer Hosny
Kazem Al-Saher
Oum Kalthoum
Saad Lamjarred
haifa Wehbe
Arabic (Christian) Worship Songs
Abdel Halim Hafez
Wael Jassar

Traducción | Árabe, Francés→Transliteración Khaled
Traducción | Árabe, Inglés→Transliteración Khaled
SaintMark    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 14:17

please add the missing videos. i posted a comment for each.
this list surprizes with most videos intact. the typesetting on most songs however is terrible.
I'll probably have to put some more work in to give some of the songs proper typesetting.

Velsket    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 15:25

All vids should be there now. As for formatting, you will find that the great majority of Arabic content of Artists from A to L is in order (specifically source lyrics). I haven't gotten to the rest. I will go through the songs on this list at any rate.

However, songs from 86 to 99 are in Persian and not Arabic. So these don't belong here.

If you want quality Arabic transliterations you probably want to avoid guest entries and, no offense to the guy, but also anything by An60sh. Instead you want any entries by: Toot_v, Sara Ba, Eagles Hunter, Geheiligt, mocha_zeid and myself (not all the good ones, but the ones I can think of). I think those combined would make 100 quality transliterations. Just a tip


SaintMark    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 15:47

thank you for adding the videos ! i will delete the persian songs and replace with arabic ones.
thanks also for the hint regarding transliterations. that was really helpful.

SaintMark    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:11

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or you have already submitted modifications using this form.
As a result, your changes cannot be saved.


Velsket    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:09

No problem, glad to help. What can't you edit, or is it fine now?

SaintMark    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:12

cause lyricstranslate is a horseshit website. it took like 5 minutes to delete 15 songs.

Poni de Cthulhu    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:13

Why are you still here, then?, in this ''horseshit website''.

SaintMark    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:21

cause there is not better alternative. but that doesn't make it any better. yesterday as i made the 6 or 7 lists each 100 entries long, i had whales swimming on my second monitor from a BBC oceanography movie, just to pass the time it took, while clicking the same silly button to add all 700 entries, which each took around 10 seconds. (the first ones add pretty fast, once the list hits 30 or so, it takes forever).

Velsket    Jue, 12/07/2018 - 16:36

87 and 88 are repeated entries. Replace one please, thanks.

Eagles Hunter    Sáb, 05/01/2019 - 16:37

Excuse me, but whom are you targeting by this collection?
Are you targeting learners of modern standard Arabic? well, these songs are in dialects.
Are you targeting learners of a certain dialect? well, these songs are in various ones.
Are you targeting learners of all dialects? well, these songs are not grouped by dialect.
forgive me but I think that this collection is a joy for the ears but a confusion for learners.
For those who are studying standard Arabic I may recommend this collection: