Nachtblut - Multikulturell (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


I've always despised racists
Seen foreign cultures from a different point of view
I've discovered executioner's work for myself
And only kill politically correct.
In a world full of xenophobia
my work is hella fun.
Top class execution methods
reserved for our "Herrenrasse"*
With my sensitivity to pain, I've found my dream job,
I've combined what I like with what's useful.
Yesterday you were shouting "Arbeit macht frei"*
but today I'll teach you some charity.
I will change your point of view from scratch
with instruments of tortures from all over the world.
My approach is unconventional
I torture and I kill you multiculturally.
I'm a torturer, executioner and avenger
My mercy is the cup of hemlock
May I introduce? This handcraft is my creed
My gods are rack, breaking wheel, thumbscrew
Corbata Colombiana, Bota Malaya, cabrón
So my interest in killing you was aroused.
Scaphism, "Schwedentrunk"* and Judas cradle
Blood eagle and Guillotine are my great love
Torture is art, don't you think?
Alright, the Brazen bull is waiting for you!
I am a "Blutrichter"*, I am your Master Hans
The Pau de Arara is ready, we'll take care of your cock.
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*1- "Herrenrasse" Literally translates to "Men's race".
*2- "Schwedentrunk" Translates to "Swedish drink".
*3- "Arbeit macht frei" Means "Work sets you free" and was put on entrances on Nazi concentration camps during WW2.
*4- "Blutrichter" Means "Blood judge".



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HSvanström    Lun, 19/02/2018 - 02:03

Schwedentrunk means Swedish drink a torture method, where one is forcing a victim to drink bad/foul fluids. Popoular in the thirty year war (1618-1648).