Herbst am See (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Autumn by the Lakeside

Like a hazy screen of blankness
Hovers mist across the lake
In the trees a rustling, faint
Wind and leaves a mournful strain
In the grand odyssey's wake
Chilly morn' after the banquets
Like a first résumé take
No sunbeams cutting through the grain
Flocks of birds voyaging wane
Goodbyes and handshakes...
Autumn by the lakeside
Weather turning, frosty hands
As we are standing by the lake
We both know, this is the end
I wonder why we will not break
Colorful leaves sweep the banks
Straying off into the gale
Woods in hundred thousand dyes
Tint the first cracks in their guise
Acting blind and acting stale
And the twilight paints us blank
Even more than we were pale
All this holds glamorous ties
Yet we cannot slake the cries
That the good times are to fail
A sight so ripe with beauty
Yet a mere remaining rest
A thought that brings a frosty shiver to our chest
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Herbst am See

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Coopysnoopy    Jue, 16/08/2018 - 19:36

Line 4:
I guess, "trauerweise" shall be an adjective here, an neologism, and then it should mean something like:
1) "to be wise as a result of grief" (if weise = wise)
or 2) just "because of grief" (if "weise" is used like f.e. in "verbotenerweise")

Therefore I wrote it small.

Al Dhi    Jue, 16/08/2018 - 20:14

Ich hab's mal nachgesehen und wir haben beide Unrecht - Im Booklet ist's kapitalisiert, allerdings mit Komma nach "Blätter"!
Also in Satzform wäre das dann: "In den Bäumen rauschen leise Wind und Blätter, Trauerweise vor der großen Odyssee."
Was der von mir angenommenen Bedeutung entspricht: Wind und Blätter singen den Trauergesang zum Abschied.