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The Living You and The Dying Me

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I don't know if I am you or if you are me
You are even closer to me than my myself
Your longing is because of your poison, my love is because of your hand
You are the one who is drunk, you are the one who makes the one drink
(and) I am the one who drinks
My love, is loving my sin?
My bellow, my ah has reached the sky
Shall My God (Allah) be witness of my love
You are the one who is loved, you are the one who makes the one love
(and) I am the one who loves
My sun, my moon got lost with you
I am now a dark, colorless world
My heart palace got collapsed from the bottom
You are the one who makes the one destroy, you are the one who makes the one burn
(and) I am the one who burns
Doesn't the past mean anything to you
the days spend hand by hand, eye to eye
Because of you I became the slave of the death
You are the one who lives, you are the one who is lived
(and) I am the one who is dying
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Added in reply to request by SaintMark
Comentarios del autor:

I couldn't translate the "ah" because it is so complex to even explain. Simply, it is when you say "ah" because of something sad or tiring.

Also the singer used a lot of rule breaking sentences so the translation script seems a bit more longer.

Lastly, there was a mistake with the Turkish transcript so I fixed it in the translation so no worries!

Best wishes


Yaşayan Sen Ölen Ben

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SaintMark    Lun, 20/08/2018 - 21:34

i'm just editing my erkin koray songbook. and this translation is very long and awkward. can someone re-translate it or put it into shorter sentences ? that would be helpful. its almost a paragraph in english for two turkish words. thats not a good translation.

Flopsi    Vie, 24/08/2018 - 19:40

I don't understand why a long translation is not a good one - sometimes a translation just needs more words for others to understand. I read this translation and liked it. I really can't tell if it's good or not since I don't know any turkish. I just wanted to say that sometimes the translation is a lot longer than the original. See, I love to read the Game of Thrones novels. Sure would read 'em in English but my husband don't want to. Some of the books have been published as two books because the translation was a lot longer than the English version. - I talked to a professional translator about this and she told me that the German translation is always longer than the original English words. And I find it much easier to translate easy lyrics than complex ones. The latter just needs more words in the translation or foot notes.

CilginTavuk117    Vie, 24/08/2018 - 19:22

I don't think that could be possible considering the fact that Turkish is a language that uses appendixes to give words new meanings that would be impossible to translate to English without using a lot of words. Unfortunately this song uses a lot of them. The root word "sev-" meaning "to love" gets the appendix "-()len" to build the word "sevilen" which means "the one who is loved". I am sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps you should seek professional help to rewrite the song in a prettier/shorter way.

SaintMark    Vie, 24/08/2018 - 22:49

i cant put it in my songbook like this its too much text. there gotta be a more elegant way