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Like being at home

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I'm sat in a Starbucks in Phuket
The Wi-Fi here is faster than what's at home
Perhaps this vacation will indeed bring me closer to other cultures
I'm sat in a Starbucks in Phuket (Starbucks in Phuket...)
Being served by a waitress from Mainz (Yes, from Mainz...)
Perhaps that's the modern style -
The way a person can reach for the stars!
Perhaps, oh, perhaps... (Perhaps...!)
[Part 1]
Ciao, I'm outta here. Whoever's looking, get lost! (*1)
Sometimes I like to google places in the world that you can't find on Google
I want to go somewhere where all the throngs of tourists never set foot
And to then set my feet there - tourists are always those other people
I want to use my phone to snap photos of the same thousand-year-old monuments which professional photographers have already made endless prints of
To use the local tongue to order the exact same grub I'd order at my local pub - "Do you have Hammelbraten/roast mutton?"
I want to buy overpriced souvenirs from some junk dealer
Which, in the end, will just gather dust on a shelf somewhere
I want to allow some green colour to fall on my eyes
Only not by going and standing in a greenhouse or anything, but rather just by sitting inside of a camping tent
Because I want good air! I'm nature-conscious
I also pay the ticket price (*2), airplane pollution added right into the carbon footprint
I want to hectically go from check-in to check-in, lose my luggage, get infections
Or have the same level of stress as a jet pilot
Switch currencies, find electricity in the hotel reception
As I calm down from all the travelling, I order some Beck's in a can
Look for a German channel on the television, self-reflection
As they ask me: "Is everything to your liking, Señor?"
[Bridge 1]
I feel like I'm right at home
Only, when I'm at home, I want to leave
And once again I book some flights, right on cue (*3)
From home and up into the eaves
Because anywhere else is also, when you really give it thought,
just a disguised version of here
Déjà-vü(berall)! (*4) Things still grow out of the ground
I see Opel, I see Pringles
And the moon - never once from behind
Déjà-vü(berall)! All people breathe, some people smoke
People ask about your beliefs
And get hangovers after they drink
Déjà-vü(berall)! Everyone runs - when they need to
Certain people have breasts
And teens fight with their hormones
Déjà-vü(berall)! People stack together a couple rocks
And then they have a place to stay
Without food, it's still shit
[Part 2]
I'm going to take photos until my fingers are sore, meticulous backdrop
I'm not here for fun, I'm cranking out memories!
M-m-memories for those rainier days,
Because a job routine and a wish to have children one day is like an execution! (*5)
[Bridge 2]
Home, home, home, home
Home, home, home, home
[Part 3]
Hola, I'm back again, it was so amazing!
I collected life-impacting experiences as if they were tro-uh-phies
Flying fish, Carribean rhythms, love stories,
If I hadn't already posted about it all there'd sure be a lot for me to tell you
It's like I'm born again (ohh), not exactly a difficult birth
You can see it in my indigenous tattoo and my break-up hairdo
Damn right - I'm also changing the way that I speak, ay
"Everything fresh, mate?" is my new catchphrase
From fast food schlub to heartfelt vegetarian
Now I only eat cows that drive Ferraris
I play sports now (so amazing), next summer will be the try-outs
Once again I've forever called it quits on my alcohol career
New hobby: Making clay sculptures - my new religion is rad(ical)
I'm going to pierce holes in you now for the nature gods
In the time since I became a bungee jumper, I've gotten V-fib
I really only just want to be different, just like all the other kids
One can hate the trend, that is until you notice, in a blinding rage
That hating the trend is also simply a trend
For some of my travels outside the country I needed to have ID,
But there's no passport that will take me out of my own skin
I reinvent myself, but in doing so only create a replica (replica!)
Starting today, I'll turn my life around by 360 degrees (360 degrees!)
Even with my cleansed outward appearance, my vest still remains black (black vest!)
Interchangable, terrible day, witch hunt
Because I run away from myself and think, if I'm faster than thoughts are
Then I'll leave my flaws behind me
But even with the ability to fly I still remain a prisoner
Like one of those chickens sat inside a battery cage
I drift into self-conscious embarressment with my little old self
Alone, but even there my little old self was too much for me
I perch myself in a traveller's paradise with a moderately severe allergie of the self (*6)
[Part 4]
I travel the depths of this earth
But I cannot escape myself
All of my flaws, all of my flaws
All of my flaws inside my luggage
I travel via airline and by raft
But I cannot escape myself
All of my flaws, all of my flaws
All of my flaws inside my luggage
Spacially, the distances are great
But I cannot escape myself
All of my flaws, all of my flaws
All of my flaws inside my luggage
I reach for the stars and for the dirt
But I cannot escape myself
All of my flaws, all of my flaws
All of my flaws inside my luggage, oh...!
I feel like I'm right at home
Only, when I'm at home, I want to leave
Publicado por Canberg el Vie, 24/08/2018 - 14:55
Comentarios del autor:

I really enjoy this song and its video, so I thought I'd take on the challenge of trying to add a translation that captures more of the exact meaning of the lyrics in English. I think my German is pretty good, but some parts of this song are quite complex/poetic so I've left some notes below and would also appreciate any help or corrections for the rest of my translation:

*1: "Wer suchet, verschwindet!" = "Who searches, disappear/go away!" - This lyric is quite confusing. The other translation here has it as 'whoever is searching, begone!' which suggests that he's telling anyone who's looking for him/trying to find him to stop trying. However, this doesn't seem to fit quite right with the lyrics before or after; no mention is made of anyone looking for him or trying to stop his travelling at any other point in the song. I believe that an alternative interpretation could be that it means 'For he who is in search of something (in his life), get lost (go on an adventure)' - making it just a pithy motivational phrase which the narrator is speaking to himself in order to self-justify his constant travelling in search of fulfillment.

*2: "Ich bin naturbewusst, ich zahle auch den Preis, Flugzeugschmutz..." - I want to say that 'price' here refers to the monetary ticket price of the plane rides that the narrator takes. That would mean this lyric is saying that he likes to pretend he's nature-conscious, but he also still gladly pays to fly on these planes which cause so much air pollution anyway. The only other interpretation I can see would be that it means he causes pollution as a direct result of his nature-consciousness, because that's somehow "the price he pays" for being nature-conscious. That's what the other translation seems to say, but that just makes no sense at all to me.

*3: "Und wieder buch' ich Flüge auf die Schnauze" = "And again I book flights on the nose/snout" - I don't really know what 'auf die Schnauze' means in this context, so I've assumed that it means something like the English 'on the nose/right on cue' but that could be wrong.

*4: "Déjà-vü(berall)!" = Déjà-vu + überall = Déjà-vu everywhere
It's not written in the German lyrics here, but it's clearly what he's saying. It helps to emphasise the point of the lyrics at this part of the song - no matter where he goes, everything's still the same.

*5: "...wie eine Hinrichtung! Hinrichtung... Hin. Richtung... Heimat... Heimat..."
Bit of German wordplay here. Also of note here is the infamous German term 'Heimat', which gets translated as 'home' or 'homeland' but means something like 'place where you truly belong; your eternal homeland; somewhere you'll always call home' - in a song about home never feeling like home, the use of this word here obviously means a lot more than the simple translation of 'home' might lead you to think. Where is home?

*6: The other translation has this lyric as 'allergy to myself' which I do think sounds really cool and fitting, but I can't find any actual evidence that that's what "Lego-Allergie" actually means. I've got no clue.

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Wie Zuhause

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niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeiten    Dom, 16/09/2018 - 19:33

Yo just wanted to say that you did a really good job with this one, I really like most of your changes and you really gave this song the attention it deserves. As for the "Lego-allergie", I based my translation after the Genius lyrics which read "Mittelschweren Ego-allergie", which I figured in the context of the rest of the lyrics meant "allergy to myself", like "Erdnussallergie". Further, "Flüge auf die Schnauze" I assumed to be a pun on "Auf die Schnauze fällen", "to fall on one's face/nose".

Canberg    Mar, 18/09/2018 - 05:10

Hey man, thanks! I really appreciate the comment!

I reckon you're right about it being "Ego-Allergie" - that makes a lot more sense. With "Flüge auf die Schnauze", "Flüge" is the object of the verb "buchen" ('Ich buche Flüge' = 'I book flights') so I don't think that's actually connected to "auf die Schnauze". I don't really know though, so hopefully a German will fly on by at some point to clarify things.

niederschlagswahrscheinlichkeiten    Mié, 19/09/2018 - 17:57

In fact, I'd recommend that you take a peek at the commentary that some native speakers put on Genius: https://genius.com/15016289 . They gave some interesting insight. Looks like the Flüge one is a wordplay on "Auf die Schnauze fliegen", which looks like a metaphorical "to fall flat", implying that no matter how many flights he books, they still become the misadventures he described in the previous stanza.