When Adding Japanese Lyrics (Please Read)

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Before adding Japanese lyrics, please read the following:

  1. Add the title like so: Hyousa (氷鎖) = Romaji (Kana)
  2. When adding lyrics, submit the kana: ex: うまくいかなくて 落ち込んだって
  3. Add the romaji as Transliteration: ex: Umaku ikanakute ochikon datte

Here are examples of both pages submitted:
Japanse (Kana): Here
Romaji (Transliteration): Here

For finding Japanese lyrics:
**First thing you should do is Request a transcription, but if you want to look for the song yourself then please read the following:**

Don't know how to look up the lyrics? You can use the site J-Lyrics, search for the artist/song like this:

On the right side you'll see this:

歌詞検索 (Lyrics Search)
曲名: (Title)
歌手名: (Artist)
歌詞: (Lyrics) > if you have fragments of the lyrics, paste it here to see if you get a match.

歌手名: 水樹奈々
Artist: Mizuki Nana

Remember that in Japan, surname goes first and then first name. Even though we have it as Nana Mizuki on our database here, it should be Mizuki Nana.

But what if you don't know the kanji of an artist/band's name? Google it or look through:

  1. Anime News Network
  2. Wikipedia

If that doesn't work, go here: Romaji(ロマ字) to Kanji(漢字)
Example: Mizu [水] Ki [樹] Na [奈] Na [々] (the '々' symbolizes a repeating of the 'na').

Use Google Translate as a last resort here, keep in mind that it's not known for its accuracy. Search for the song on Youtube, everything in romaji and there's usually a kanji title attached to it.

Other popular sites:

  1. J Pop Asia
  2. Lyrics Wikia
  3. Anime Lyrics
  4. Utaten
  5. Uta-net
  6. Musixmatch

Some sites won't let you copy the lyrics, just add view-source: in front of the url for example: view-source: 
(I'm using Firefox) go to the top menu bar on Tools > Page Info and look at 'description', click on it and 'copy'. You will get the first 2-3 lines of the song, google those and you'll get a hit for the rest of the song on another site that does allow you to copy the lyrics.

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Hi, I just wanted to say that when you're adding a new song on lyricstranslate, the directions on that page say that the songs should be named "Original Title (Transliteration)". This forum post says they should be named "Transliteration (Original Title in Japanese)".

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