Wordplay songs

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Songs revolving around wordplay, jokes, puns, double entendres, and any other funny way to use language.

Canción | Inglés Eric Bogle

Slang can be so weird in its double meanings.
This song explores some funny ones.

Traducciones:  Italiano
Canción | Italiano Pomi Duri

Getting something to eat can be very hard when all you can get is funny misunderstandings.

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A girl is eating pizza with her boyfriend; its mispronunciation as "pija" (dick) is what the song revolves around.

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Double entendre on "poner": a man tying his tie, or a woman having sex?

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Once again on "poner": a visit at the dentist’s, or sex?

Traducciones:  Inglés

A girl with a "heart disease" needs an "injection".

Traducciones:  Inglés

Joking about "roncha" {swelling on somebody's skin} and "concha" {pussy}.

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The expression "me lame" {lick me} gets personified; add some slang words, and you get a spicy situation.

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Certain names/surnames can be plain by themselves, and become funny when they are juxtaposed.

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A man is unsure which of his three neighbors to marry; all three have equivocal names.

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"How are those animals of your relatives doing?" is not an innocent question about farm animals.

Traducciones:  Inglés Español
Canción | Catalán La Trinca

Idioms are hard to translate sometimes. When you just take them literally, they can be funny or puzzling.

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Canción | Alemán Dota

A piratess made a map of where she buried her "Schatz" {treasure}; however, "Schatz" has more than one meaning.

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A bird taking shelter in a church starts a series of spicy misunderstandings.

Traducciones:  Polaco Italiano Inglés

The singer is approached by a fan interested in all his qualities, not just the intellectual ones.

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A playful way to teach Latvian children (or learners of the Latvian language) the Latvian alphabet. The song is constructed in a way that every consecutive word should begin with the consecutive letter of the alphabet. The funny, cheerful video possibly makes the learning easier. The video contains subtitles in English.

Traducciones:  Francés Ruso Polaco

Slang words might arise to convey new nuances of meaning, or just to convey an old meaning in a direct, sharp, biting way.
That's what this songs does: creating a new word to describe a specific attitude, that of people who care very little about what other people might think of them.

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Stefano8    Jue, 24/01/2019 - 19:46

Thanks for the Carly Simon song, though it seems to feature more cultural references than actual wordplay.
I'll check out Faustino Oramas, hoping to find some explanations, since I don't know Spanish.

BreezyDay    Vie, 25/01/2019 - 02:26

If it doesn't fit, it won't hurt my feelings. The wordplay imagined has been corrected as mistakes. My interpretations of double meanings may be imagined as well. Forget that one.

What about a playing with words as in Juanes' 'A Dios le pido'? But there are only a few lines. On the LT page, it would look like the last stanza.

Similar with Andrés Cabas' 'Mi Bombón'.és-cabas-mi-bombón-lyrics.html

You just said you don't know Spanish. These songs are not like the others and may not fit. They take a word from one line, like vos, and then use a synonym in the next line, like voz. Note that many Latin American countries pronounce voz like vos, not like Spain's pronunciation.

I'm hoping a native speaker of Spanish will find a good Faustino Oramas song for you. My Spanish is intermediate at best. I'm struggling to understand even basic songs.

Stefano8    Sáb, 26/01/2019 - 06:08

Thanks for this! The only thing is, it's not sung.

BreezyDay    Vie, 25/01/2019 - 17:16

One more idea. If Hotel California does not fit into this collection, please tell me. That kind of song deserves a collection. It's filled with double meanings.

Could someone please advise me on a description for that kind of song and the two songs from Colombia that I mentioned. They should be in a wordplay collection.

Stefano8    Vie, 25/01/2019 - 20:02

I wouldn't say wordplay; I think what you're looking for is "metaphorical songs".

Stefano8    Sáb, 26/01/2019 - 16:28

I hadn't thought of invented words, but I think it fits well, also because of the general attitude of the song.