One Line This Time, I Promise

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Se unió: 09.04.2017
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I just uploaded this and the one line I couldn't catch and I wasn't sure about, just the third verse, first line. The video is on the lyrics page as well but here's the verse

I'm thinking to myself,
I've been thinking to myself
Should get sober, call this off
But I wouldn't hold my breath

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Hi, Opulence. Here's what I've got (There are some corrections to the first lines as well) Regular smile

Sweet roses still have thorns
Don't beat yourself to death
I'm a surfer, you're the wave
That could drown me in a second

I call you up, when I'm drunk
Like I always do
Though I try, know that I
Can't let go of you
Don't seem to mind,
You got a hold on me
I'm obviously in too deep

Door closes, in you come
I'm thinking to myself,
I've been thinking to myself

Se unió: 09.04.2017

Thanks sandring, that actually probably works!

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It looks all good to me. Just a few contractions.

...drown me in a sec. (Which is short for a "second", but I only here him sing "sec")
...something 'bout you makes me wanna stay. (abbreviation for about = 'bout) got a hold on me (you misspelled "on" in this line, just a typo)

But yeah, it looks great. I don't see any problems. All my corrections are not really mistakes, just abbreviations and a typo. Regular smile Good job.

Se unió: 09.04.2017

Thanks I’ll go fix it Regular smile

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