Flights to Nowhere (traducción al Alemán)


Flights to Nowhere

Nowhere is where we've been headed.
For millennia we had to walk
then we could ride, then drive and now
at a long last we can fly there.
As if we had run out of means
to further hasten our demise,
we now fly around in circles
in increasingly wasteful ways
A new treadmill to step onto
riding shockwaves a few miles up
ravished upon a ravished land
while down below the sheep look up.
Most likely sooner than later
we will all stand on Zanzibar.
Dear old professor Mulligan
you were so right: it was obvious.
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Flights to nowhere
The Shockwave Rider
The Sheep Look Up
Stand on Zanzibar (featuring Chad C. Mulligan)

Chad C. Mulligan's favourite joke (off the top of my head):
A professor writes a complicated formula on the board and says to the class, "Ladies and gentlemen, I assume we can agree this result is obvious." He looks at the board again, remains silent for a moment then bolts for the door mumbling "back in a minute". An hour later, the professor returns, beaming, and says "I was right, it *is* obvious!"

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Flüge ins Nichts

Ins Nichts, dahin sind wir geführt worden.
Jahrtausende mussten wir (zu Fuß) gehen, dann konnten wir reiten, dann Auto fahren und jetzt endlich können wir fliegen - ins Nichts.
Nachdem uns die Möglichkeiten ausgegangen waren unsere Ressourcen weiter auszubeuten,
fliegen wir jetzt in Kreisen, die immer mehr Dreck produzieren, herum.
Ein neues Hamsterrad, in das wir eintreten, auf Schockwellen einige Meilen hoch reiten und uns an dem desaströsen Zustand der Erde erfreuen, während von unten die Schafherden hoch schauen.
Höchstwahrscheinlich eher früher als später werden wir alle auf Sansibar 1 Platz finden.
Guter alter Professor Mulligan, Sie hatten so Recht: Es war vorhersehbar.
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silencedsilenced    Lun, 30/11/2020 - 12:38

Thanks Doc, for carrying this tribute to John Brunner and human stupidity across the language barrier Regular smile
What about the joke? I still find it hilarious today, and I first read it as a teenager well back into the last millennium. It took me a while to get the full extent of its wisdom, truth be told.

Natur ProvenceNatur Provence    Lun, 30/11/2020 - 14:20

Mulligan/Brunner's joke: genial, full of dry english humour.

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