С утра шёл снег (S utra shyel sneg) (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al InglésInglés

It snowed in the morning (С утра шёл снег)

Turn off the light
leave the note that we are not at home -
and on your tiptoes past the opened doors
To the place where everything is light, where everything is silent.
And you can be
Haughty like steel
And you can say
that everyrthing is not as it has to be
And you can look like
you perform in the film
about the people who live under high pressure -
It snowed in the morning
it snowed in the morning;
You can do something else,
if you like, if you like...
You remember I knew myself,
My footsteps were like chains
I lived being sure that I am right;
But now snow fell and I do not know who I am again.
And someone is broken and doesn't wanna be whole,
and someone cares for his own business,
and we can be closer but not close than skin,
but there is something better, and it is so simple;
It snowed in the morning,
it snowed in the morning;
you can be someone else,
if you like, if you like...
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С утра шёл снег (S utra shyel sneg)

Vladimir4757Vladimir4757    Lun, 03/06/2019 - 18:24

God, I love this song, there is something so interesting, I cannot figure out what that something is, whether it is the meaning or the tone, but either way, this song is beautiful. I am curious about what he means by "It snowed in the morning." I think it is referring to after the snow melts, it changes, and that people can be and do what they wish because they can change, they just have to let it snow (just let things change). I wonder what other people think the meaning is though.

dinadancerdinadancer    Lun, 26/08/2019 - 20:33

Yes, I also think it is about starting a new page in the life, like writing on white paper. You get it similarly, as I see.

VoultyVoulty    Mar, 18/05/2021 - 20:44

Beautiful song indeed! However I believe the snow can be interpretated differently, whilst of course portraying the same meaning as you.

You can't discuss the snow without discussing his line on "footsteps laying like chains". Footsteps laying on the snow I believe represent the different decisions and actions taken that, if followed, lead to the person of what they are currently.

The footsteps being chained represent the unbending will of steel, the carelessness of those who are busy with their own business or in short, believing in the unchanging of the past and saying you've become what your fate destined you to be. Symbolising those who are broken not wanting to be whole.

When it snows, however, the footsteps are erased. The chains unshackled. You can do any new decisions, do whatever you want to become whoever you want. As you say, change to a completely new person with new footsteps that if followed, lead to a new person.

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