У недiльку, мамко, рано... (U nedilʹku, mamko, rano...) (traducción al Inglés)

У недiльку, мамко, рано...

У недiльку, мамко, рано,
Як ще не зоряє,
Вже молодий Петрусенько
Коника сiдлає.
Ой, куди ся вибираєш,
Мiй милий Петруню?
До Бичкова на ярмарок,
Серденько Настуню.
Що там будеш купувати,
Мiй милий Петруню?
Сивi воли, як соколи,
Серденько Настуню.
Ой, у ранцi Настусенька
Йшла до мамки в гостi
Та стрiтила Петрусенька
В кирвавiй сорочцi.
Ой, хто тебе так порубав,
Мiй милий Петруню?
Ой, тi хлопцi волоськiï,
Серденько Настуню.
Та в що тобi подзвонити,
Мiй милий Петруню?
Хоть у горшки, хоть у дзвони,
Серденько Настуню.
Та за кого ся вiддати,
Мiй милий Петруню?
Хоть за ката турецького,
Я тя не бороню.
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Early Sunday morning, mom...

Early Sunday morning, mom,
Way before dawn
The young Petrusen’ka
Is already saddling his horse
Oh, where are you going,
My dear Petrunya?
To Bychkiv to attend the fair,
My darling, Nastunya.
What are you going to buy there,
My dear Petrunya?
Those oxen who are gray as hawks
My darling, Nastunya.
Oh, in the morning Nastusen’ka
was on her way to visit my mom
And she saw Pentrusen’ka
In a bloodied shirt.
Oh, who beat you up so badly,
My dear Petrunya?
Oh, those vlach lads
My darling, Nastunya
Which of these do you want to toll for you
My dear Petrunya?
I don’t care, either pots, or bells
My darling, Nastunya.
Who should I marry,
My dear Petrunya?
I don’t care, if it’s a Turkish butcher,
I won’t stay in your way
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BalkantürkBalkantürk    Vie, 03/12/2021 - 14:23

Welcome Regular smile just for your information

Velykyi Bychkiv is a commune (Bocicoiu Mare) in the border of Romanian - Ukrainian. It derivates of the Slavic word meaning "bull"
Vlach lads ---- Are Balkan Romance-speaking peoples who lives in Romania, Ukrainia, southern Albania, Bulgaria, northern Greece, North Macedonia, and eastern Serbia. They are ethnic groups; Aromanians. The Vlachs call themselves "Vlasi"

AdelaideArtAdelaideArt    Vie, 03/12/2021 - 06:25

Thank you very much for interesting information! Regular smile
As I know, in Russian, Vlachs are «волохи». And if I'm not mistaken, Hutzuls gave this name not only to "real" Vlachs, but to all of the Romanian people. And although all their similarity in dressing (all the elements of Hutzul clothing may be found in Rumanian clothing), music, national cuisine and so on, their relationships weren't especially good...
And about a real Vlachs I also heard something... They have their own dialect, as I know, an it's slightly different from normative Romanian.

BalkantürkBalkantürk    Vie, 03/12/2021 - 15:20

Yes they are. Good point Regular smile

In Bosnia we have Vlachs minority and they are very kind. A friend of my uncle is Vlach. Some people always ask me if I understand the language and the answer is no. I don't understand when they speak this language. You are Serbian student so I recomend you to take a look to this link https://forum.poreklo.rs/index.php?topic=1360.msg143203#new with is interesting info there.

In Serbia they still have a Vlach minority. Bulgarians are a mix of Slavs, Turks and Vlachs, Croats and Serbs are a mix of Vlachs and Slavs and, despite of some people would be angry, Bosnians are a mix of Aromanians and Slavs. Bosnia is a peculiar case because we had the Ottomans for decades. In the past, there used to be a huge concentration of Vlachs in the area, but now no. Vlachs called and call themselves Romanians or Aromanians. In North Macedonia and Albania they have schools in maternal language and as far as I remember in the parts of Serbia were they live have too.

Hutsuls are descendants of Dacians that were Slavicized rather than Romanized. They are a sub-ethnicity group of Ukrainians and share many common folk traditions with Romanians.They have their own identities such as Transcarpathian Rusyns but as far as I know they are part of "ukrainian nation". They still live high in the Carpathians.

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