Месть Королевы Анны (Mestʹ Korolevy Anny) (traducción al Inglés)

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Queen Anne's Revenge

Early in the morning at our place it's knock, knock, knock
Mama Wikipedia and with her Facebook
Early in the morning they sweep in, and there's nothing you can do
Give me the Queen Anne's Revenge1
Wind in the sails and Number 5 Blend2
In the Home of Pérignon3, well how else without a splash?
Sure, not sure, but all the same completely drunk
To sort it out, to spiritually ascend and understand
Give me the Queen Anne's Revenge
Wind in the sails and Number 5 Blend
And you raise your eye to the sky and freeze up
You raise your eye to the sky
It's all clear as one, two, three
All they need, that someone would embrace
To fill in an instant with the water of an ocean, the black hole inside
Gog and Magog4 and the others aren't here
However you somersault, all the same it's all light
You wake up like the sky
And the horizon is dull and small
As it will be said in the credits
The world tried to catch him, but never caught him
As stated in the credits
The world tried to catch me, but never caught me
  • 1. A pirate ship captained by Blackbeard
  • 2. A blend of pipe tobacco
  • 3. A play on words on Dom Pérignon, a brand of champagne
  • 4. Apocalyptic figures in Christian mythology
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Месть Королевы Анны (Mestʹ Korolevy Anny)

Julia_ArkhitektorovaJulia_Arkhitektorova    Sáb, 04/12/2021 - 03:47

The foot-notes are priceless. Thumbs up
How do you interpret "обмер" btw? It looks like being struck and staying motionless in the origin's context.

treanttreant    Sáb, 04/12/2021 - 04:28

I misinterpreted "обмер" as a noun but here it's actually the past tense of обмереть. Good catch!

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