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Continental, rythme de bal
A la cadence de cette danse
Sans qu'on y pense on danse incontinent
Cette danse nouvelle c'est c'qu'on appelle
Continental la danse du continent
Cette rafale continentale
Bien d'autres emballent même les plus continents
Par contenance il faut qu'on danse
Continental la danse du continent
Pauvres qui n'osez pas parler
Osez continentais
Quand elle passe vos bras l'enlacent
Puis avec grâce vous prenez un baiser
Ah, comme elle défaille, serrez sa taille
Continental il n'est rien de plus aisé
La mode est au Lido
Continental (x2)
La mode est au Prado
Continental (x2)
A Cannes, Rome, Vienne, Prague ou Corfou
Dansez l'continental, vous s'rez partout chez vous
La danse du temps présent
C'est l'continental le vrai condiment
Le contentement constant du continent
Que tout l'monde danse conti contentinalement
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Continental, ball rhythm
To the tempo of this dance
We dance unrestrained without thinking
This new dance is what we call
Continental the dance of the continent
This continental gust
Plenty of others excite even the most reserved
We have to dance to be polite
Continental the dance of the continent
The poor people who don't dare speak
Dare to dance the continental(1)
When she passes by your arms intertwine
Then you gracefully take a kiss
Ah, how she swoons, grab her waist
The continental couldn't be more easy
Fashion is at the Lido(2)
Continental (x2)
Fashion is at the Prado(3)
Continental (x2)
In Cannes, Rome, Vienna, Prague, or Corfu
Dance the continental, you'll be at home wherever you are
The dance of the present
The continental is the true condiment
The constant contentment of the continent
That everyone dances conti continentally.
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Comentarios del autor:

(1) I couldn't find anything on this so I'm assuming it's a made-up word referring to the "continental" dance

(2) - (3) - I feel like these are both local or otherwise references that I don't understand because I can't find them anywhere, so if anyone would like to offer a suggestion I would be grateful.

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