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The Belgrano

It was the middle of Autumn, it was right in May,
The year '82 ran along,
And on the waters of cold seas,
sailed a cruiser that never returned.
The seas watched it for almost half a century
Sail from port to port, fulfilling its mission
And even in North America it made history
When in the year '40 Imperial Japan attacked it.
Belgrano cruiser, lord of the waters,
What a white epic with the soul of chance,
You went down with how many soldiers
When they damaged you in the Southern Sea.
The Providence boys recount...
That reddish flames could be seen
Just at the moment when two cannon shots
Were fired by the English pirate sub.
Then a hellfire
And water that in a few minutes
like a serpent slithered aboard,
And they were Argentine, my friend,
The thousand men were Argentine,
The ones who served in that cruiser, my friend.
That's why I cannot understand,
That's why I cannot understand the many words
from some gentlemen, because, think about this...
They sink one of our ships, our Fatherland bleeds,
And they, they still love everything English.
I wonder what Carrizo will say, who on his poor raft
Thirty something hours survived the sea
After jumping from the Belgrano
When, upon knowing it would sink, he looked the other way.
Wind lashings, contortions of the water
Poor man riding the the waves as if they were a stallion
Hoping that with God's help
One of his mates would try to find him.
Because, there, in the cold of a stormy sea
England sunk an Argentine ship
And it was that cruiser that with so many men aboard left
One May second and never returned.
And it was that cruiser that with so many men aboard left
One May second...and never returned...
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Crucero Belgrano

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