Da te volim (traducción al Inglés)

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To love you

I can't keep quiet when it hurts
Cause my heart isn't made of stone
I turn to leave, then I stop
I have nothing but your love
My dear, my dear
even when you're not here, I'm dreaming about you
even if the sky were to collapse
let them shoot me, I still won't let you go
So that's why love me like no woman ever has before
I can only see you when the curtains are lowered
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
Cause I'm thirsty only for you
Serve me some poison, I'll drink it
Don't ask me why I don't have anyone
why I love to be alone
why I tell you how beautiful you are
you're here even when everyone leaves
I just want you to love and for me to love you
even if everything were to burn until daybreak
Gold and dust, you and me
I have everything you could wish for
your trace is in my heart
your name stays here (in the heart)
Against the world, just you and I
if you're in the dark, I'm here
everything will be on my lips
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Da te volim

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