David Carreira - Boom (English Version) (feat. O.D.) (International Remix)

  • Artista: David Carreira
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Boom (English Version) (feat. O.D.) (International Remix)

Quoi qu'on dise et quoi qu'on fasse l'amour a parfois tort
J'ai essayé, de m'évader
Quoi qu'on pense et qu'on défasse l'amour a parfois tort
Je pense à toi, je te vois partout
Je rêve de moi, mais je rêve de nous
Au fond de moi je deviens fou
J'ai peur de n'plus savoir aimer
Boom, you already know
Don't think there's a limit to where she wanna go
Hadn't spoken a word, her feelings put on a show
And only in my dreams is where I seen it before
Seems I'm caught in the bug
Some people would call it love
I call it intoxication
It's more addictive than drugs
So explicit and quite gifted at the same time
Gorgeous is her face
Beautiful is her mind
Suitable is the time
She gave me the cue to go
I'm suited, booted, and ready to prove
That O.D. is no ordinary dude
Floor's very smooth
Thought I could break the rules
She caught me, chucked up a deuce
Now she cuttin' me loose
Hold up, wait, where you goin', my...
J'ai besoin de vous, s'il vous plait, ne vais pas  
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