İbrahim Erkal - Dönemem (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

I Can't Return

I'm leaving you
Even though I love you so much
Even though I desire you deeply
I'm suffering patiently
I'm leaving you
When I'm suppose to
Miss your presence in your absence
You made me longing for
Your absence in your presence
What kind of sharing, what kind of life is this?
I'm the one who's suffering
This is an objection to your ruthlessness
I'm leaving with all my senses on my shoulder
How I suffered by your hands for an affair
I don't forgive you
You've taken all I got you've done everything
I've cleaned your remanings
I do not forgive you
My last glance will trouble your mind
My silent will trouble your mind
My leave without a goodbye will bother you greatly
I've named you "bitch" let it stay that way
I've got these last words for you
Burn and burn in hell
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