Drakon (Дракон) (traducción al Inglés)

  • Artista: Melnitsa (Мельница)
  • Canción: Drakon (Дракон) 5 traducciones
  • Traducciones: Inglés #1, #2, Polaco, Portugués, Transliteración
traducción al InglésInglés (singable)

The Dragon

Versiones: #1#2
Dried all over are spring wells forsaken
Faded heather for long miles around
And I’m watching the sun rolling over
The cold heavenly vault of the sky
To lose what’s left of the warmth 1
Dressed in night hues are dark granite slopes
Dressed in blood tint is waterless ground
Dressed in amber are dragon’s eyes, mirrored
In a piece of the crystal around
This is the treasure I guard 2
Maledicting the wretched gold treasure
For this treacherous glint of the warmth
I’m remindful of her who once used to
Used to also have wings long ago
But she’s living no more 3
And over mountains and deep seas, off so far
Where people lack vision and gods don’t put faith in
He - who’s the last one of my kinship- to the light
Will spread young winglets – ferocious feathers
And this scale-ornament pictorial design
Will drive off misfortune with embodied passion
And braving fate he’ll soar up high into the sky
Forever impending, insanely attractive
And it’s the pinnacle of magic in the world
The sun’s exulting indeed on the crest edge
And this is it, and that is all, and nothing more
There’s only skyline, eternal heaven. 4
And the heroes are feasting in shelter
In the royal grand chambers of oak
Bragging over the goblets of heady
They’ll get this mystic treasure of gold
Not later than Christmas Day 5
  • 1. The Dragon as a premordial mythological creature was believed to have been dwelling on the edge of the world in complete wilderness
  • 2. The Dragon was doomed to guard the world gold treasure or according to some sources the world wisdom
  • 3. The Dragon's life span was to be until he was killed by a treasure seeker - a human who didn't know that after the victorious battle he would turn into the Dragon himself and would be doomed to endless loneliness
  • 4. In some folklore sources a new contender was a younger and stronger dragon
  • 5. IMHO Hellawes, the only female member of the band, hints on her band mates who brag over liquors that "they will get the treasure not later than Christmas" meaning they'll be ready with a new CD/album which the band usually presents at their annual Christmas concerts
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Drakon (Дракон)

Eagles HunterEagles Hunter    Jue, 10/08/2017 - 11:12

You proved my point
It couldn't have been understood without your explanations :)

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Thank you, And. The next song will be the most challenging for interpretation "Прощай" Regular smile