Emma Härdelin - Driver dagg faller regn (traducción al Inglés)


Driver dagg faller regn

Herr Olof han rider att möta sin brud
långt borta i främmande land
skön Jungfrun hon sömmar en gyllene skrud
hon väver de skira gullband.
När hösten är kommen skall brudkransen viras
och Olof sitt bröllop med Jungfrun ska fira
men framtiden ligger i Herranoms hägn;
driver dagg, faller regn.
Herr Olof tar tygeln, han håller sin häst
förhäxad mot älven han ser
ty Älvkungen där för sin dotter en fest
på stranden i skymningen ger.
Herr Olof tar av sig sin hjälm och sitt pansar
han bjuder upp Älvkungens dotter, de dansar
Gud tage den djärve Herr Olof i hägn;
driver dagg, faller regn.
Herr Olof och Älvkungens dotter de drar
långt fjärran att reda sitt bo.
Den Lede stod redo att riddaren ta
som bjudit en älva sin tro.
Men hon var skön Jungfrun han red för att vinna
och Olof var riddaren hon längtat att finna
och kärleken håller dem tryggt i sitt hägn;
driver dagg, faller regn.
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Musik: Bengt Wallerström, Eskil Eckert-Lundin
Text: Oskar Rydqvist

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traducción al Inglés

Force dew, rain is falling

Mr Olof is riding to meet his bride
Far away in a foreign country
The fair Lady, she's sewing a golden garb,
She's braiding the delicate gold bands.
When autumn has arrived the maiden's wreath will be twined
And Olof his wedding with the Lady will celebrate
But the future is lying in the Lord's protection;
Force dew, rain is falling.
Mr Olof takes the harness, he's holding his horse
Enchanted by the pixie he sees
Because the Pixie king there for his daughter a feast
On the beach in the dusk gives.
Mr Olof takes of his helmet and his armour
He asks the daughter of the Pixie king for a dance, they dance
God take the bold Mr Olof in protection:
Force dew, rain is falling.
Mr Olof and the daughter of the Pixie king they go
Far away to prepare their house.
The Evil one was ready to take the knight
Who has offered his faith to a pixie.
But she was fair, the Lady he rode to win
And Olof was the knight she had longed to meet
And the love holds them safe in it's protection;
Force dew, rain is falling.
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TrampGuy    Lun, 21/05/2012 - 16:26

Thanks! too bad I couldn't find an online version of this song to post here, as it's really beautiful.

I would like to ask a couple question :
1. Any idea what "Force dew" means? as I don't quite get it
2. Why did you choose to translate Älvkungen to fairy king instead of elf king? just wondering


Owlin    Mar, 22/05/2012 - 05:50

you're welcome Regular smile
1. in this song, I believe that the whole line means quite like don't make hubris. If you force dew you might get rain instead, don't mess with nature.
2. Because the song is about a fairy, not an elf, according to old swedish folk religion the fairy was an evil creature dancing in the forest making a fairy ring where they would make anyone who set foot in the ring sick, especially those who danced with them. "The Evil one" means the devil here, implies that Olof got sick by his dance and is dying. Elves on the other hand are not evil, they're beings much like humans, meaning they have a sense of right and wrong and also according to nordic mythology they seem to have godlike powers.

Owlin    Mar, 22/05/2012 - 05:57

Though maybe in this case maybe "älva" translates better as pixie, what I know of pixies are not light beings in English either... what do you think? I don't know if they make people sick but it seems more accurate

TrampGuy    Mar, 22/05/2012 - 19:32

Actually, when it comes to English, fairies and pixies are usually thought of as creatures of positive nature. And although elves are defines as ambiguous in nature, in later traditions they are referred to as being sinister. (which is the connotation I get when hearing the word elf).

There's also the Norwegian song "Liti Kjersti og alvekongen (Bergekongen)", where for some reason, I always thought of 'alvekongen' as 'the elf king'. Fairy sounds too cute, same goes for pixie Regular smile

Skirnir    Lun, 06/10/2014 - 00:50

Hej, I know this thread is a couple of years old, but I gotta say that there are a few things in this translation I am not quite happy with.
1. "förhexad mot älven han ser" = "bewitched he looks at the river" (ävla = elf, but älv = river, stream); and "mot" in this case means something like "towards";
2. the unfathomable "driver dagg, faller regn". It's really a mystery, and I'm not sure what it means either -- but I am pretty sure that "force dew" is not suitable.
First off, "driver" is present tense, same as "faller", so you can't use it as optative or imperative. So literally it would be "dew drives, rain falls", but of course that doesn't help much, either. But I'm really unsure how dew would possibly "force" or "drive".
So long story short, it seems to imply some correlation - "When dew 'drives', rain will fall". Whatever that means.