Orishas - El kilo (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

The kilo

I sing to you my way, my brother
I go my way
Wrong no, throw it, step on it, pass it on, brother
You forgot, that from the kilo there's no way back, brother
My flow enters, my clan enters
My voice like Jackie Chan's
That's what they give, a thousand stories a thousand
Promises that hook
I know, I was what I tell you, Pipo
The money is the government
Who cuts it, kiddo
Talk, you talk like I didn't belong
Talk about your dirty politics we see
But because you wait
If he who waits, despairs you'll see
So play in the right sidewalk
It's not true that the grazing bullet
That all liars use
Those who speak the truth are not many
Tell me how many and where do I see them
Tell me how hard was it for them to arrive
And if they're good
Not for nothing, but they don't make you
Nervous or scared anymore
Lies can remain for years
It has its trick, I don't deny it
Remembering the years of yore
I can only take off my hat to
What I have is musicality
It comes from far
It's not either copied or stolen, it's more
It's inherit, it's another age
I warned you time and time again
That I don't play around
With stinky liars
And old cheaters
For the one who dares
He's risking his ass
Terrible blah, blah, blah, terrible "guaguanco, rumberito"
Pick up the old man, as his days are over
And now walk sideways
You cheater
I sing to you my way, brother
Lies don't go away
If you don't wait, you despair and so what
It already happened to you once
It's two if you don't see it
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I'm a native Spanish speaker but the lyrics of this song are in some sort of (Puerto Rican? Colombian?) slang that I can't fully figure, so there are some words I couldn't translate.

Also, don't worry if the song doesn't make much sense, it doesn't really either in Spanish ^.^


El kilo

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thaicat6    Sáb, 11/06/2011 - 20:56

Thank you, Ricky. This translation is fine. Certainly much better than the word-for-word ones I've found on line which make no sense at ALL! =^.^=

FredBed    Mar, 26/06/2012 - 18:44

Sorry, but this isn't a very good translation. The song makes pretty darn good sense in Spanish. Bearing in mind that it's a SONG and not a newspaper article, right?

The song's written using CUBAN slang. "El kilo" as used in this song is slang for a Cuban penny. The slang phrase "el kilo no tiene vuelto" which literally translates as "you can't get change from a penny" roughly means "if you give something of little value, you can't expect to get anything in return."

So, the chorus goes something like this:

Mentira no, tíralo, pásalo písalo, asereo
Se te olvido, que el kilo no tiene
Vuelto no, asereo

No lie. Just put it down, step on it, pass on it.
You've forgotten, if you give nothing you won't get anything back.

Also "guaguanco" is a big showy complex dance. So "Tremendo bla, bla, bla, tremendo guaguanco" means "big noise, big show"

The saying "Si el que espera, desesperas" (he who waits, despairs) roughly translates to the English "he who hesitates is lost"

The term "pipo", by the way, isn't a proper name (as shown in the translation), it translates to "kid" or "buddy"

I hope that helps.