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She Lifted Me Up

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You left me to fall
But she lifted me up
Call her less of a woman
But she lifted me up
You left me to fall
But she lifted me up
Call her less of a woman
But she lifted me up
You failed me, abused me, played with me
She revived me
You left me, mocked me, now its late
She rescued me
Cleaned my wounds in time
Healed all my suffering
Even though you cry i dont think so break up
With this girl who tells me: papi i want you
Cry baby cry cry
Saw ma' how things are
Cry baby cry cry
Hey! You tell me who's laughing now?
Cry baby cry cry
Those who play around end up alone
Cry baby cry cry
Mami and that story doesn't go over well
I loved you more than the sky
You are my life ma'
I loved you more than the stars
You broke ours down
To the floor ma'
Her hand lifted me up
You, you went away and left me
And threw me to the floor
But she lifted me up
You left me thrown like a dead dog
But she lifted me up, cry baby cry cry, whats up now? i hang around
cry baby cry cry
because a man needs a good woman
cry baby cry cry
you heard me?
Good bye
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the original spanish lyrics sound like they're out of order to me.. but i translated how they wrote it


Ella Me Levanto

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nicolassa    Jue, 24/05/2012 - 06:00

finally!!!!!been tryin to learn spanish and reggeaton and all of it...this is one singer i love along with a few others.....think i will be on this site quite a bit!!!!! will put in imput if i feel i can offer anything....cant remember how i discovered daddy yankee but got quite a bit of his cds think it is time i found out what the songs meant LOL.