Babasónicos - En privado (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

In Private

You speak as if all that you say had been written to you
and thus controls your lips, your nostrils
that are proposing it to me
The words got mixed up on the way out of your capricious mouth
like a dealer at the roadside casino who plays tarot for money
That which you say to me does not close me
let's do the same in private
The consequences mean nothing to me
let's do the same in private
You move as if everything you did were being suggested to you
from behind your ear or from some point that I don't quite know
I think I understand that your intentions
seriously affect me
you reminded me of it one afternoon on the windward side of the port of Quequén
Find a hidden intrigue in every oyster
usually a cluster of pearl
I am a seeker of those that do not conform
where nobody finds, I will find
You put the gaze somewhere beyond my reach
From far away you made a sign of something confusing, that which we both assume
Let's lose something together, at least, and celebrate the agreement
It so happens that you're beautiful and I'm haunted
and this is hopeless
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En privado

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