Ana Gabriel - Eres todo en mí (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

Eres Todo En Mi

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you are everything in me,
the sun that illuminates me and makes me so happy;
the strength that drives my existence,
only you, my love;
if I hold you,
I feel as though your essence scatters within me
no space remains in my sentiment,
you are my light
you are everything in me,
and your taste is raining on my lips
I will cross my deepest oceans
to hear from you;
you are everything in me,
forever and ever
Since I saw you;
never again will I be
fearful, because with your love I came to feel again
and to be reborn
I will fly because of you
to a world where I will only drink from your love,
leaving the distance behind me,
you and I alone
We will dance today
on a white cloud in the sky;
your eyes will shine like stars
for me, because of me;
never will the magic of feeling your breath go away
overturning on my senses of love;
only because of your love, my love
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Eres todo en mí