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That guy is me

The guy that thinks about you all the time
That counts every extra second when you're late
That's craving to see you all the time
Because he can't be without you anymore
And calls (on) you in the middle of the night *
Just to say that he loves you
That guy is me
The guy that'll grab you by your arm
And bump into whoever blocking your way
The guy that's standing by your side whatever it takes
The hero that any woman's wainting for
For you, he faces any danger
He's your best friend
That guy is me
The guy that loves you as you are
The guy whose chest you lay on after love making
That strokes your hair, talks to you about love
And other things and warms you
In the morning, you wake up in bliss
Your smile saying that
That guy is me
That guy is me
I'm the right guy for you
(The guy) that makes you happy and adores you
That whips away your tears when you cry
That guy is me
That guy is me
The guy that's waiting for you always with a smile on face
That kindly opens the car door for you
That kisses you on the mouth and hugs you with joy
That, with enamored eyes, looks at you and says
That he missed you and complains about it
He loves you
That guy is me...
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Esse Cara Sou Eu

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