Every nook and cranny

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Idiomatic translations of "Every nook and cranny"

In ogni anfratto

Meanings of "Every nook and cranny"


Every part or aspect of something. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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все углы и закоулки, все детали (аспекты) чего-л.

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"Every nook and ..." en letras

Jakob Karlberg - Damn that's good

Shall we get away from here, just take a chance and see how it goes

Stood like a fool at the bar, checked every nook and cranny
I stood and wondered if it was here that you were going

Seventeen (South Korea) - Breathlessly (Getting Closer)

Dig into my head, deeper and deeper.
Dig every nook and cranny. Run and hit. (Hit)
Pay attention and be careful.

Radwimps - Heart Attack

Yet, people have lost their minds.
They go out of their way and thoroughly fasten their eyes,
On every nook and cranny of this world, and run off at the mouth.
But my hands are full with my own sadness.

İbrahim Tatlises - Neden

you're laughing when i 'm crying, why
you dont dry my tears, why
you run away every nook and cranny, why
why aren't you beside me

Seo In Guk - Mint Chocolate

Apply melted chocolate
apply it in every nook and cranny of your body
I feel so high

Ercüneyt Özdemir - Let go of the misery

I broke you unintentionally
You know how humans don't know what they're doing sometimes
While fleeing from misery into every nook and cranny,
We've stumbled and tripped unawarely

Bob Dylan - Ain't Talkin'

The suffering is unending
Every nook and cranny has its tears
I'm not playing, I'm not pretending

Lasten Hautausmaa - The Wind Trees

When I die you won't be able to find me anymore
You can search every nook and cranny in vain
Behind the coal field are the wind trees

Eminem - Underground

This is Amityville, calamity, goddamn it
Insanity, pills, fanny pack filled with Xannies
Through every nook and cranny, lookin' for trannies
Milk and cookies spilled on my silk négligée, looky

Alireza Assar - the springs of sunlight

I sense, further, that
in every nook and cranny of this salt barrenness of despair
a thousand thousand joy forests,

Kendrick Lamar - These Walls

These walls are vulnerable, exclamation
Interior pink, color coordinated
I interrogated every nook and cranny
I mean its still amazing before they couldn’t stand me

Melnitsa - Sheep

And with the first snow -
Do you hear me, my dear [my kin] -
I will search every nook and cranny,
I will wear down seven pairs of shoes,

Lee Juck - Room Delinquent

I thought I got a text but it’s just the glare from the TV
I thought I got a call but it’s just my alarm
Every nook and cranny of this room makes my heart upset
I’m desperate, I’m thirsty, my empty stomach is burning up

Sidonie - The Blaze

as sunlight.
You no longer want to escape,
you like to see the smoke in every nook and cranny
and the blinding brightness.

Eddie Meduza - Fat, Ugly, Dumb Americans

Fat, ugly, stupid Americans
Have their tentacles in every nook and cranny
Greedy like starving baboons

Malú - Brushing Against the Sky

I want to be your dream and wake up
between your arms, every morning
And discover every nook and cranny of your body
And see the deepest part of your heart

Aldebert - The Inventory

The one that doesn't belong to us
Whose every nook and cranny we know
That we have tried already everywhere

Shy'm - Where are you?

I have traveled the world (hey, hey)
Searched every nook and cranny (bye, bye, bye, bye)
Never stopping for a second (never stopping for a second)

The Velvet Underground - The Gift

And the thing was, they wouldn't understand who she really was.
He, Waldo, alone, understood this.
He had intuitively grasped every nook and cranny of her psyche.
He had made her smile, and she needed him, and he wasn't there. (Awww.)

Cihan Yıldız - My Woman

Is no longer in this house
In every nook and cranny
Your smile is lost