Faceva il palo (traducción al Inglés)


Faceva il palo

Faceva il palo nella Banda dell’Ortiga,
ma l’era sguèrcc, el ghe vedeva quasi pù,
e l’è staa inscì che j’hann ciappaa sènza fadiga,
j’hann ciappaa tucc, ma pròppi tucc, foeura che lù.
Era lì fisso che scrutava nella notte,
quand gh’è passaa pròppi davant a lù ’n polee,
insèmma a on ghisa, trii caramba e on metronotte,
gnanca ona piega lù l’ha faa, gnanca on plissé.
Faceva il palo nella Banda dell’Ortiga,
faceva il palo perchè l’era el sò mestee.
Istess precis compagn de quèi de la maschèrpa
hinn restaa lì i sò amis, in del vedè i polee.
Hann dii: «Ma come! Brutta loeuggia, vacca pòrca,
ma el nòster palo, ’sto pistòla, indove l’è?»
Era lì fisso che scrutava nella notte,
l’ha vist nagòtta ma in compens l’ha sentuu nient;
perchè vederci non vedeva un’autobotte,
però sentirci, el ghe sentiva on accident!
Faceva il palo nella Banda dell’Ortiga
faceva il palo con passione e sentiment.
Ci sono stati pugni, spari, grida e botte,
j’hann menaa via che l’era già quasi mezzdì;
lui sempre fisso lì a scrutare nella notte,
el ghe vedeva istèss de nòtt comè del dì.
Ancora adesso è lì che scruta nella via,
la gent le ved, ghe da on cent lira e poeu la va,
lui, circospetto, el varda in gir, poeu je mett via,
e poeu el borbòtta perchè ormai l’è on poo incazzaa.
A l’è incazzaa contra la Banda dell’Ortiga,
perchè lù el dis che se fa minga inscì a robbà.
El dis: «Ma come! A mì me lassen chì de foeura
e lor, le sa el Signor quand l’è che vegnen su,
e poeu el bottino me le pòrten su a cènt lira
on tòcch per vòlta, a fà inscì finissom pù!
Ah, nò, quest chì l’è proppi on lavorà de ciolla;
mì sont on palo, minga on pippa, a ghe stoo pù,
mì vegni foeura de la banda de pistòla,
mi metto in proprio, inscì almen ghe pensi pù.
Mì vegni foeura de la Banda dell’Ortiga,
sì minga bun, che vaghen a dà via ’l cuu!»
Ma che vaghen a dà via quèl che voeuren, va!
Ma mì, con sta banda de pirla, ma nanca pitturaa.
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Dialetto milanese.

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He Was the Lookout

He was the lookout of the Ortiga Gang,1
but he was one-eyed, he could see almost nothing,
and that’s how they caught them all with no effort,
they caught them all, every single one of them, except him.
He was standing there, gazing into the night,
when they walked right in front of him: a policeman,
a traffic warden, three carabinieri and a nightwatchman,2
he didn’t flinch, not even a plissé.3
He was the lookout of the Ortiga Gang,
he was the lookout because that was his job.
In seeing the policemen, his friends
were totally flabbergasted.4
They said, «What the…?! Goddamit, for fuck’s sake,5
where’s that jerk of our lookout?»6
He was standing there, gazing into the night,
he saw nothing, but on the other hand he didn’t hear a thing;
because he couldn’t see a tank truck,
yet as for hearing, he couldn’t hear a damn thing!
He was the lookout of the Ortiga Gang,
he was the lookout, with passion and ardour.
It was punches, gunshots, yells, and blows,
they dragged them off when it was nearly noon already;
he was still standing there gazing into the night,
he could see the same by night as by day.
He’s still there, gazing at the street;
people see him, leave him a nickel and then walk away,7
he looks around warily, then puts it away,
then he grumbles because he’s a bit pissed off by now.
He’s pissed off by the Ortiga Gang,
because he says that that’s no way of stealing.
He says, «What the…! I’m left outside here,
and the Lord knows when they’re gonna get back out,
and then they bring me the loot a nickel at a time,
this way we’ll never be done!
Well, this is really a fool’s job;8
I’m a lookout, not a dumbass, and I’m done with it,9
I’m out of this fools’ gang,
I’m going to be a freelance, that way I won’t have to worry anymore.
I’m getting out of the Ortiga Gang,
you’re all inept, go fuck yourselves!»10
Go fuck whoever you want!
I’m not staying with this idiots’ gang, no way!11
  • 1. Ortica is a district in Milan.
    The word now means "nettle", but it comes from "orto" {vegetable garden}, since it was a good place for growing crops, since it’s close to the river.
  • 2. ghisa = Milan’s traffic warden.
    carabinieri are one of the many police forces of Italy.
  • 3. non fare una piega {to not make a wrinkle/crease} = not wincing, keeping a deadpan face; not being scared or in any way affected.
    plissé = purposefully-wrinkled fabric.
  • 4. rimanere come quelli della maschèrpa {to be left like the maschèrpa people} = to be astonished, stunned, dumbfounded.
    maschèrpa = a ricotta-like cheese.
  • 5. loeuggia = sow (female pig / prostitute).
    vaca porca = "pig cow". Both are words for a prostitute or sexually uninhibited woman; together, they are just an exclamation of rage and/or frustration, without sexual connotations.
  • 6. pistòla {pistol} = penis; idiot.
  • 7. 100 lire ≈ 5 €-cent.
    The lira was the Italian currency in 1861-2002, before being replaced by the euro.
  • 8. ciolla = penis; fool person.
  • 9. pippa = smoking pipe; stupid person.
  • 10. andare a dar via il culo = "to go give one’s ass away".
  • 11. pirla = spinning top; penis; dimwit.
    neanche dipinto {not even portrayed} = having no intention at all to do something.
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