Nelly Furtado - Fantasmas (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés


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If someone see's me through the nostril
Don't be afraid that I will not catch the looks
Forgive me if I remind you of some phantom
Without the want to be but for the fierceness of my desires
It's like a lost love
That now I look in the windows
I pass the travel time and today
I no longer see the sun or hear the wind
They are equal all of my moments
The sea destroys me
And love will leave me
And I
I'll be here, here, always here
Until the end
I will never go, I will never go far from you
My love, I will continue seeking your warmth
I will be your phantom
I will hide in that book that you read
There I will be in what you think you have learned
Life is more than what any text says
You will know it if one day you find yourself alone and sad.
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Crazy tune. Not serious. Funky synthesizer. The whole nostril thing..I may need some help with that.