Cum sună limbile?

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Într-o ediție a emisiunii Double Je, Bernard Pivot întreba o actriță (al cărei nume nu mi-l amintesc) din Marea Britanie care era expresia ei preferată din limba franceză, iar actrița răspundea că ei îi place cum sună C'est ridicule.

Numiți limbi pe care le cunoașteți, începâd cu limba (sau limbile - în caz de mediu familial bilingv ori poliglot) maternă și spuneți o expresie care vă place în limba respectivă sau descrieți felul cum sună acea limbă în urechile voastre. Mă aștept la răspunsuri cât mai variate și subiective.

Exemplul meu

româna - limba maternă: monotonă, ca un metronom,
franceza: persuasivă, folosită pentru a convinge sau impresiona pe cineva, senzuală și cerebrală deopotrivă
expresie favorită: quasiment, y a rien / toujours (il y a rien, nu există nimic/vreun, există întotdeauna)
engleza: banală, echivocă, imprecisă
spaniola: senzuală, pasională
cuvânt favorit: afición
italiana: muzicală, optimistă
expresii favorite: dolce farniente, è vero
germana: aspră, dominatoare
bulgara: prea multe consoane, o limbă repezită
expresia favorită: лека нощ (leka noci / notch, noapte bună)
rusa: melancolică, bună pentru povestit
cuvânt favorit: Слушай! (slușîi / slushyi, ascultă), никогда (nikagda, niciodată)

Vouă cum vă sună diferitele limbi?

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Se unió: 29.06.2009

hmmmm...româna e muzicală, frumoasă, spaniola...sînt de acord că sună pasională şi senzuală. Engleza e limba mea maternă şi sună "funcţional"...LOL!


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English is not banal, I think that it's a wonderful language. In general, I like the Germanic languages. I have a relative phobia of anything that's descended from Latin, as I spent so many years studying French without ever being able to speak or write in it - academia. Romanian was a chance as I had to go to Romania and was just interested in learning more about the locals just as I am interested in learning more about Eastern European cultures.

I don't know why do many people hate English, why it is the black sheep of the Germanic languages. It's very versatile, relatively simple - no real cases.

Limba rusa: minunat, foarte versatil, exotic, dar cicatrice.

Limba germana: rational, cel mai frumoasa limba din lume - in opinia mea, niciodata salbatice.

Limba arabe: exotic, dificila pronuntia, dificil, gramatica imposibil.

Limba ebraica: exotic, dificila pronuntia, religios, gramatica imposibil.

Limba romana: foarte usor, simplu, buna combina, nu a avut sanse de prospera, putin bednaya, dar foarte sarmant.

Limba franceza: numai un cuvant, hidos - imi pare rau.

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newEgypt escreveu:

I don't know why do many people hate English, why it is the black sheep of the Germanic languages.

People are subjective. English is everywhere these days, so that's why people are probably tired of it.
All laguages are fine, of course.

newEgypt escreveu:

Limba franceza: numai un cuvant, hidos - imi pare rau.

Și eu sunt subiectiv, mie îmi place franceza. Mă simt de parcă aș mânca ciocolată fină atunci când vorbesc franțuzește. Engleza și germana sunt ca ciocolata amară din punctul meu de vedere. Iar limbile provenite din latină mi se pare foarte frumoase.

NewEgypt, care e limba ta maternă?

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Limba ma materna, e un mare poveste, si eu nu-mi place de ea. Imi pare rau, dar nu vreau sa vorbesc despre asta. E preferanta mea. Sorry! Sad smile

Stii, cel mai fina cicolata din lume e elvetiana. Teeth smile I understand what you're saying, but in terms of beauty, I think that the most beautiful Latin Languages are probably Romanian and Italian. The music of French just doesn't do it for me, people commonly say that French is sexy, but that also is something that I never could understand. When I chose to spend years studying it, it was basically an option, and you could do it without paying that much. I figured out, hey, it's spoken in African, a lot of countries in Europe. Anyway, that's history.

If you have a few minutes to kill, watch this.

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Ciocolata elvețiană e cea mai fină, iar limba franceză este una dintre cele 4 limbi oficiale din Elveția Tongue smile
French music? Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Jacques Brel, Joe Dassin, Zazie, Zaz... Berlioz, Ravel Regular smile C'est toujours de très très bonne musique.
(De gustibus et coloribus non disputandum est)
Dexter was (is) very funny.

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Yes, I know it's one of the official languages, unfortunately. But I don't think that those cute and chubby swiss women on the old wrappers spoke French.

The only French song I still listen to is Lui ou Toi by Alizee. I just like the description of the guy. I have an Isabella Boulay CD as well, but I do not play it that often.

As for French movies: I think this pretty much describes it:

(Again, I have nothing against LGBT people, you rock for being brave about who you are, and for pursuing what you want without caring about others!)

I did see a relatively good French movie a while ago, though the ending didn't make any sense. It was about a young boy who didn't do well at school, but was good with his hands, his grandfather helped him get into a vocational school, but then the grandfather went to the hospital and was put on life support, the doctors wanted to disconnect him, the boy had a fit, but the next day his grandfather came to him in a wheelchair, and that was the end. No real conclusion. It was good till you got to that disappointing ending, without knowing whether the boy was just hallucinating, or how the guy miraculously managed to breathe with a dead brainstem.

I also remember a couple of old French movies, one was about two young teenagers who fell in love, was not that bad - saw that one many, many, many years ago. There was also another movie about the pain and suffering a woman had to go through when she wanted an abortion when the sadist self-righteous doctor just decided to perform a curettage without any anesthesia. Thinking about it, most of the French movies have a melancholic mood to them.

Never found Paris special either, it just looks like un oras murdar to me - not brave enough to offend French people around here (aylin_22 will probably see this, so I apologize in advance).

Give me a French song that sounds like this and I will become a fan:

(I prefer this cover to the original)

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Well, I'm not into Rammstein myself, but I did some... "research:

I dig French movies: nouvelle vague movement (Truffaut, Godard), Luc Besson, Jeunet.
Now... if you say you like Rammstein :P, I recommend this French film to you: Brotherhood of the Wolf

And also Leon, Nikita, Taxi. They have some quality good live action.

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This is a Bowie song, Till and Apocalyptica just did a cover of it. I am just referring to the elated spirit of the song, the mystery, the triumph. Take it out of the original context, and it becomes a song about deliverance. Letzte Instanz and countless other bands did covers of that song, but Till's remains my favorite.

You can't swim like dolphins, you can't be free, we can. No one gives us a chance - we never asked them to, we have no need for them. Even if they look invincible, we will still be heroes, for a day - we can beat them, we can rule our world whenever we want. Their wall never stopped us. We don't care about their bullets, we're kissing oblivious to their little squabbles and wars. We're floating above their little wall, but they don't know it.

Speaking of Rammstein, I do like their Mutter song very much. But it's not usually Rammstein that I find interesting. I am not really a big fan of the Neue Welle (, but some of their songs are not that bad.

I will spend some time listening to and analyzing those songs, then I will get back to you with my feedback. French proselytizing should be made illegal. :p

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Just saw those, thanks for taking the time to look for them.

You missed my point. What I am about to say may be found offensive by many, but I do not care. In my opinion, in this world, what makes some nations better than others is their culture, and I think that the best culture that the world has produced in the Germanic one. Not in terms of Germany, but in terms of that of the people speaking proto-Germanic. That's where the Anglo-Saxon culture, which currently deservedly rules the world, came from. The culture of these people, to the best of my knowledge, is the first culture that valued individuality and privacy. Those aren't the cultures that asked of you to sacrifice yourself for worthless needy wretches, those are the cultures that told you to the best that you can, to become the best that you can ever be. To do your best never to need others, that when you need others, you have to realize that it's quid pro quo, and that some day, you will have to pay that back.

It was only natural for the sexual revolution to start in those cultures. It was also natural for the LGBT movement to gain momentum there. It was natural for the FKK to start there. For free speech to be coined there.

The French did start a revolution, and I need to study that part of history and evaluate what they did it for, and whether it had any merit, and what the exact meaning of liberte, egalite, et fraternite is. I also need to see what La liberte guidant les peuple really means. Whether the young man with two guns is just having fun killing, or if he's like a man in the American Revolutionary War. Fighting tyranny, and the inefficiency that steals from honest men. Whether he's a looter or a hero.

The rest of the world was and most of it is still is, reveling in abject collectivism. In Romania, my impression is that many of the people had big dreams, and a lot of them were smart as hell, but they gave in to the customs and traditions. As a woman, once you get to a certain stage in your life you have to get married, as if you're deficient. I do not say that this is not similar elsewhere, egalitarianism is only found in the minds of few intelligent men and women. It is there and in many other cultures where it is a virtue to hang around an abusive drunkard just to raise your children, children from that very same man. Where you have to get married to anyone who's worthless, because you're told that you need him. Where having a beautiful woman with an empty skull is seen as a virtue, but they don't let you realize that when you do so, you give a part of your soul to that woman/man whenever you have sex, sex is too great a word for that act, an act of pure friction, as lifeless and as worthless as the motion of a broken piston running inside the cylinder if an idling inefficient rusting engine - you can never make love to such a person, and it's a very precious part of your soul that you're squandering. Till after a while, life becomes nothing but bitter pain. That consolation for that pain is the authority and control that you will have over the lives of your children and the lives of others. The ability to destroy their lives just like your 'elders' did with yours - but you gave them your consent so you're still guilty. That's where your partner has to get a stamp of approval from every one around you, and where you too, have to do so. Where the society is the only source of security and protection.

I was mentioning the product of cultures, in their language. Not the action, not the industrial music, but the deliverance, the fight, the eventual triumph.

There are two Romanian great hits that I like, and those are:

1- Mai vino, mama. I had it translated here. It's basically about a confused woman, who doesn't want to take the responsibility of being worthy of someone and finding someone worthy of her, who just invokes the power of her mother, to come and shelter her, to absolve her of the responsibility.

2- Aveai doar 16 ani, also had it translated here. Which is basically about a man who just couldn't find a goal, or learn to become a man, and needed to have it dictated to him in the army, while still also trying to evade the responsibility of taking charge of his life. When he did so, his girlfriend, apparently an intelligent and a very beautiful woman, knew the true meaning of what he did, and dumped him, but he just clung on, came back to her begging her to let him into her life. Telling her to not forget that they were children (i.e. that she was naive, that they didn't have any responsibilities, telling her to just remain a child, and take him for the irresponsible man that he is). Asking her to give him her soul.

Of course, there are shameful examples in English and probably German as well, here's are a couple of very good examples:

1- 3 Black crows by Blackmore's night:

Freedom is basically having enough to eat, being an animal. Being irresponsible. Where Freedom is having someone to feed you - nature. Looking down on humanity and its pretense: life is not important, enjoy being a failure, be proud of it, since nothing of it is important. What that song misses is that crows have to work - look for food - or perish, they have to worry about predators, they have to find healthy partners to mate with. The only difference is that a healthy partner in human beings is a partner with a good brain. We will soon be able to get rid of genetic diseases, thanks to those good brains.

2- Sarah Brightman - Something to believe in:

I am wiser than both of them. I want to exert control over them. Basically, the little brother has no soul, he kept selling his soul as the hunger grows till nothing was left of it. Neither does the sister who wants to move with a fellow twice her age who can't even find a place, she also sold her soul and now got to the point of selling her lifeless body for food, and possibly shelter, when that man will be able to find it. So basically, they're misunderstood, it's the fault of the man who taught himself to think, who taught himself to earn his own bread, it is the fault of every man who enjoys a glass of white wine. There are two lines in there that she's using the wrong way, but if you read them right, they offer the solution, it tells you what really took place:
Nobody’s’s a sign of the times
But we won’t see the future till we open our eyes

She means we, as in the working people who can afford to eat and enjoy life. However, change that to mean we as in her, her little brother, and sister and there's the solution. Nobody's guilty, she means those "well-off" people, and they aren't.

3- Wem gehört das Sternenlicht? by Joachim Witt

I am the dreamer, who lost his soul. I am the dreamer whose life is in ruins, who hangs on to you in order to suck what's remaining of your soul. I look at those successful people, and I think, what's the use of what they own? Why does it matter? They don't own the light of the stars, or the light of the sun. Who owns the light of the stars? Who owns the light of the sun? Who doesn't? I personally know the answer to that question: The person with a photovoltaic cell does!!!

Also, modern Germanic Europeans did give in to the atrocity that is a modern welfare state, where the working pay the idle a protection racket. Now it's just coming back to get them with all the debts. The United States also has its financial sins, and a lot of Americans never understood the value of what they have or the limitless potential that's out there. However, there are many honest ones, just like in many of the powerhouses of Europe, who work, who challenge the set standards, who create new products, who improve existing ones. Who come up with new world views. The percentage of those honest ones to the population is what gives you a great economy.

Some of those Germanic Europeans are also living in kingdoms. This is why most of the honest people fled to the United States, and that tells you why the United States is the greatest country of this planet. It was built by honest men. Its cities weren't created according to the whims of kings, but by the people, to serve their wants and needs. Chicago is far more beautiful than Saint Petersburg. They earned every single one of them. They didn't need a man with a sash to protect them, they had their own guns. They kept their guns with them in case that man with a sash decided to change his white hat into a gray one.

In case you're wondering, my nickname is nothing but pure sarcasm.

Anyway, my real question was, show me a song about individual triumph against the society, about the person who breaks the rules that don't make any sense, the man who seeks pleasure knowing that he's not harming anyone, save those who will envy him for the fact that he's capable of finding joy. I am bitter with French because it is one of the few times when I failed and didn't go back there to fix what went wrong. I did consider studying French again, but this is exactly what happened, I could not find a reason why I should. What is there in the French culture that is going to add to my knowledge? The French had Voltaire, but then again they had Jean-Jacques Rousseau (I know he was Swiss), he's the one who said the Earth belongs to everyone and no one. The solution to his "witty remark" is that that person who fenced that piece of land was capable of defending it against trespassers. What he owns isn't the land, but what the land gives him in return for his work. What he owns is his house, that he earned - by building it himself or earning enough to pay someone to do it for him, the apple tree in his garden, the lawn that he mows. That's what he owns. They had Bouguereau which is very admirable. What I am looking for is people who followed the steps of Voltaire and Bouguereau and the countless other individuals.

You said you love French, and this is not your job. We're all different. However, I thought that since you saw French as sweet chocolate, it just happened to me to ask "why?".

French is a Latin language, and that was the language of the Romans. The origin of the modern republic. But the Roman civilization was disfigured towards its end. I am asking about what remains of that greatness.

Disclaimer: Men = men and women. It's the language that doesn't give women justice.

I wish songtranslator was here.

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