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Yours truly is at it again, disfiguring a beautiful language for his pleasure. I would really like for someone to check my translation and correct any mistakes - and curse me for being the horrible Romanian speaker that I am - if that's possible.

You can find it here:

Multumesc foarte mult!

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I. Pentru noi doi s-a aratat,
o stea de pe cer, dar a plecat
te caut din nou in noapte tarziu,
aproape de stele as vrea sa fiu.

ref: Nu vom afla vreodata ce oare ne-a legat,
cand s-a sfarsit deodata,
cand oare am uitat.
A ramas din noi poveste noastra,doar atat,

II. Singur acum, aici sunt doar eu,
in locul tau nimeni, sunt singur mereu
te caut din nou, in noapte tarziu
aproape de tine as vrea sa fïu.

I. For the two of us, a star in the sky
showed itself, but it left.
I search for you again late at night
Near the stars, I'd like to be.

II. We won't ever find out what, I wonder, connected us,
when it ended suddenly,
when maybe I forgot.
It remained in us our story, only that much.

III. Alone now, only I am here,
no one in your place, I am always alone.
I search for you again, late at night
Close to you, I'd like to be.

Hope that helps...

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A ramas din noi poveste noastra,doar atat,
My translation is:
But what remains of our love is our story, only that.

Is that wrong? I know that our love isn't there, but I think it makes more sense with it being in the translation.

Aproape is not mai aproape, so, that definitely was a mistake on my part.

Noapte tarziu = late at night, not on a later night. I definitely need more practice. Regular smile

Thanks Katherine0825!

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Actually I think it's simply "our story remained (a ramas is past tense) of us, only that". That could be paraphrased to make it less awkward to "what remained of us was our story, only that", but I prefer literal translations (personal preference) over paraphrasing.

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Yes, thanks! Will correct that when I have more time.

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