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Hey Guys,

I'm Steffi and i'm 13 years old.I'm from Germany.I like ths page very much becausei love it to translate texts and other things.
My Languages are German,English,Russian and Latin.Next Year I will learn French or Spanish.Couldyou give me some little tips for the beginning?



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Hallo Steffi,

Schön, dass Dir Übersetzen Spaß macht und Übung macht den Meister! ;-)
Alle Sprachen, die Du kannst, kann ich auch (und noch ein Paar mehr), also frag mich, wenn was ist, bis dann
und schöne Feiertage!

P.S. Zum Vokabeln und Aussprache lernen usw. finde ich busuu.de nicht schlecht, wennauch nicht alles dort optimal übersetzt ist (meist in vorfabrizierten Mustersätzen).

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Du lernst Latein? Cool! Hab viel Spaß hier! Regular smile

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Hallo, Steffi!

Glad you've joined us. I hope you enjoy yourself here. Regular smile

I guess only tip I could give to you about translating is this: don't translate words, translate meanings. Comprehend fully what is said and meant in the source language, then think of a legit way to express the same meaning in the translating language. In order to do that, you have to know your way around both languages very well. An expanded vocabulary and good knowledge about idioms and the such helps a lot. Oh, and experience too.

Viel glück! Wink smile

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Thanks! Wink smile

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