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Hi I am hoping someone can help me

We are after the Translation of

Raks Samimi

I have been told that this basically means Friendly and dance, or friendly dance - Can you please let me know if this is right or if it actually means something else when used together - I know Raqs is Arabic for Dance but want to know what Raks in Turkish means

Thanks Nzbellydancer


Hmmmm... "Warm dance" or "sincere dance". But I m not so good with English.

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Hello nzbellydancer,
In Turkish, raks means "dance" and samimi means "friendly"
in this case, samimi raks (not raks samimi) means " a friendly dance".
The word raks was used in ancient Turkish.In current Turkish raks isn't a word which we use.
In the present day,this word is used nonetheless for referring to the dance proper to arab countries.

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Hi All - thanks Very Much You have been most helpful

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Can someone translate this please:

Askım 1saat sonra Facebook ta görüntülü konuşalım bitanem tamam mı?

Thankyou Regular smile

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[quote=stanley97]Can someone translate this please:

Askım 1saat sonra Facebook ta görüntülü konuşalım bitanem tamam mı?

Thankyou :)[/

" My love, after 1 hour we will have a video talk ( video call) on Facebook, ok?

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Thankyou Regular smile

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Please can someone translate this please from turkish to english. The text is below:

senı sevıyorum sensız hıc yapamıyorum ınadım ınat sevıyorumbekle benı gelıyorum senı cooook sevıyoruuummm pesınden gelecegım bekle sevıyormusun benı soyle sarkılar senı soyluyor senı cooook sevıyorummmm dayanamam senınle baska yerlerde senınle aynı hıslerde senınle ayrı gozlerde senınle farklı ellerde ben buna alısamam ben buna dayanamam ben buna katlanamam yok sevgılım yok yok sensızlık bana yaramaz sen benım tek caremsın gozlerımsın nefesımsın duygularım hıslerımsın dunya bensem gunes sensın sen benım tek hedefımsın sen benımsın seeeennn benımsın bu alemde tek benımsın sevgılım senı cooooookkk sevıyorummmmm.

Thankyou, i would be very thankful Regular smile

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Thank you so much Regular smile

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