Reza Shiri - Az Ghamet Daram Mimiram to English

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Hi person or people,

I was wondering if somebody could help me translate a song:
-Az Ghamet Daram Mimiram by Reza Shiri

I apologize for not posting the lyrics, however I cannot seem to find it; but to make up for it I'll post the video. I don't even need the exact lyrics, rather a summary will do just fine.

Thanks, I really do appreciate any help I can get. Regular smile

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here is the song lyrics

کی به تو غمو داد که بشی دلتنگ اون

تورو هی می سوزوند دل سنگ اون

چرا موندی به پاش که بشه چشمات گریون

می بینم که چشات شده باز همرنگ خون

(خون) به دل تو نشوند دل سنگ اون

تورو هی می سوزوند همیشه همه جا آسون

از غمت دارم می میرم منم مثل تو دلگیرم

پیش تو دیگه می مونم نه نمیرم

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and the translation

Who gave you the sorrow so that you miss him?
He, the stone-hearted, who hurt you on and on
Why have you stayed for him and it makes your eyes full of tears?
(And) I am seeing your red weeping eyes again
His hard heart made you sore-hearted
He always hurt you easily every time and everywhere

I am dying of you sorrow; I am offended as you are
I would stay with you after this; (and) no I won’t go.

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Oh hi affetmek. Thank you for the translation, I really appreciate it. Teeth smile

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