Please help to correct original Bulgarian lyrics and to translate

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I am very interested in Bulgarian traditional songs.
I learned the following song - Nekoi lopa tropa - in Bulgaria, Pirin region, but the text was given in latin transcription. And then I probably didn't copy it in a best way. I'd be very grateful if somebody can post this song in Bulgarian language (in Cyrillic - I can read it) and translate it in English.

I can't find the original song anywhere on youtube - there are some with a similar title but they are not the song that I'm looking for.
The only recording I can find is from a western group:

Latin transcription:
Nekoi lopa tropa, mamo mari de
Nekoi lopa tropa, mila mamo

Lopa tropa, chuka ruka
Moito pyrvo libe, mila mamo
Lopa tropa, chuka, ruka
Kida damu tora

Ne dai mu otvaryai, kerko mori
Nemame vechera

Negova vechera male
Moite sladki dumy, male le mila le

Ne dai mu otvaryai, kerko mori
Nemame postela

Negova postela male
Moita ravna snag, male le mila le

Ne dai mu otvaryai, kerko mori
Nemame rakiya

Negova rakiya male
Moite tsarni ochi, male le mila le

Thank you!

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Hi and welcome to LT Regular smile Please check out our Rules and FAQ

I've found a YouTube version which includes the first verse and the chorus -
The Bulgarian Folk has many, many versions, depending on who sings them - some of them have completely different lyrics, others have less dialect words and are made more understandable for everyone who is not familiar with the dialect of the region.

The best way to get it transcribed is to open a transcription request, wait for someone to fulfil it and then add a translation request - you can read how to do so here. You could add in the comment section of the transcription the link to the version you want transcribed, as well as the transliterated lyrics and all the information that could help the person who would transcribe it. As a general rule, we allow people asking in forums only if either you can't identify the song/language, or if you've waited for far too long for it to be fulfilled.

Hope that helps, enjoy your stay with us!

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Thank you!
I'll read the rules more carefully and I shall post a transcription request.
Best wishes!

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If you want some easy Bulgarian song (not folk), we have nice Rap and Rock. And Metal, here is one example for something easier:скакауец-lyrics.html...

But there the grammar is incorrect. It becomes funny anyway. Have a look.

As for really easy song, I suggest:
or either

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The woman wants to listen to Bulgarian folk, not some shit like "skakauec" which isn't even right.

BTW, I wrote the text you requested in the request you have submitted. I used the audio recording you have provided since in the youtube video they did not perform the whole song.

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