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Gabino Barrera

Gabino Barrera wouldn't listen to reason
when he was drinking
He carried a revolver with six clips,
He could please anyone.
He wore a mustache in the shape of a square
His kerchief around his neck
clothes made out of cotton, a leather jacket
His sombrero rolled up.
He put on huaraches on his peasant feet
And sometimes he walked barefoot
But he loved to pay for the Mariachi bands
He didn't care about money.
While holding a bottle of sugar-cane alcohol
he would shout: "Long live Zapata!"
because he was a peasant, that southern indian
he was a fine man.
He was tall, strong, broad-shouldered
His face was very unfriendly
His dark gaze made him
look like a mountain vulture.
Gabino Barrera would leave behind
many women with his children
That's why the people in the area
had put a price on his head.
I remember the night he was shot to death
He had just been with his woman
Eighteen rifle shots rang
and he had no chance.
Gabino Barrera died the way
real men die
For a woman he lost his bet,
just as they are lost in cockfights.
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A little difficult to translate. The Spanish has a lot of Mexican idioms and expressions. It is a sample of a very popular genre, the "corridos," which were songs about famous people who fought in the Mexican Revolution in 1910.


Gabino Barrera

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