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[Deliric] 1
You have "the green dress", only a blind person doesn't see it
You make the "moon to sigh", let the "night" to regret
The light to bow down" , the "sun" to get drunk
The shapes sublime they are, only a fool would've lose them
The breath of your brings me to life, the scents from the hair of yours
Made they are to attract me , of your eyes/gaze i'm "thirsty"
The majestic breasts of yours and the discret shapes
"Sang by them poets, they reasamble complete pictures!
I would've come when you would've call me
And would've blossom when you loved me !
I used to kiss you , so many times , when you were born"
I would've embrace you , with flowers when you would've extinguish
I would've color you when you would've gone "black"
I used to lay myself , when you were gone in your fly"
My dear man, how could you!!?
I gave you everything, my all 1!!
My dear i would've give you so , so much more....
"That dress" of yours dirty it is, I must not see it , suffering
You let the "night" to hide you, when the "sun" goes down
And the moon to lie to you , the light to flinch
The "Shapes" of yours are well, the "breeze" gets me down
And those eyes of yours, empty they are, even though they're hiden
behind the "Make-up"
Underneath my eyes rainfall, the "pavement" hidden you from me
Your breasts" soft they are , your babies are draining ya
Poets morns than, but the rest think that it is a "game"!
  • 1. Gaie/Gaia- is the name given/ associated with the "bird of prey, predatory bird" An exact translation for this word doesn't exist in the english, the word it is a specific term From Romania
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