get over it

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Meanings of "get over it"


accept something that happened in the past and move on.

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преодолеть, пережить, разделаться с чем-л.

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Prevazići, završiti sa nečim, preboleti, ostaviti u prošlosti

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aş bunları

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"get over it" en letras

Ozuna - Give me back

Let me know, if you want to stay here one day
But don't let it be late, I know I will get over it
I will heal the pain I had in my heart

Nego do Borel - You broke my heart

If while I was down I stayed at home
When I get over it, I'm terrible
I'm living the single life

Claudio Capéo - A man standing

I remain a man standing

Pray that I get over it
Pray that I feel better

Tima Belorusskikh - I will no longer message you

Everyone's saying, what followes to it.
What the hell?
By fact everyone had to get over it,
But no, i still get pushed around, and you just leave me,

Descendant 3 (OST) - Do What You Gotta Do

Let's make new memories, you can show me the town
No, you can keep your memories now
Get over it
I am over it!

Vasilis Karras - Let her talk

She’s gonna lose
She broke your heart for a while
You’ll get over it

Ala Jaza - If you don't love me (Bachata)

You come back with your clothes where this humble lout
You left me because I couldn't treat you right
Because by my side you wouldn't get over it

Louane - The flight

A life's going away
You don't get over it.
A tear and then the other

Isak Danielson - Sunken

Look inside yourself
Take your time and you will get over it
You are sunken to the ground

Ece Seçkin - Adeyyo

Jump once, jump twice
You're not done yet, oh my god
I'll get over it anyway
But I hope it destroys you

MFÖ - I am still hoping

I'll get over it quickly my rose, go and live your life
there are lessons to learn and questions to ask
I'll get over it quickly my rose, we are finished

Galin - I won't get over it

I'm looking up and I wonder what, tell me,
Made it so that we'd split up
I won't ever get over you
But I'm only begging you to leave me alone

Hey Violet - Hoodie

You'd probably think I was psychotic (If you knew)
What I still got in my closet (Sad but true)
I slip it on over my shoulders
It's something I'll never get over

RIDSA - Move on

To be able to start over, without looking back.
Yes I confess it, I left you, I hurt you,
But know that I didn't get over it.
I left you, I hurt you,

Casseurs Flowters - Uncompleted

[Verse 5: Orelsan & Gringe]
And it is the first measure of my new life
And it's been 15 years people think 'he'll get over it"
But if you keep on listening to sleeping people dreams never happen

BTS (BangTan Boys) - RUN (English ver. #2/Transliteration)

Don’t tell me bye, bye)

They tell me “get over it”, but I keep thinking ‘bout it.
Are these my sweat or my tears? Oh no, I don’t know one bit.

Daddy Yankee - The Heart Breaker

nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh... nothing you do will help you
(no no no no no) maybe you’ll get over it with time (be careful)
but her mark is going to stay on you, yeah!

Le Rouge et le Noir (Comédie musicale) - The glory at my feet

So many times they laugh at my audacity:
"Clothes make the man, whatever you do
Get over it, don’t pretend
You never learned to be humble

Mira (Romania) - Love is not turning off

She told me it passes away, thet she doesn”t even know what”s happening,
If I want her to be ok, however, to not let her go,
That she needs me and I think we should get over it,
But I am moving on with no regrets, love”s playing tricks,

Stk - Katherine

I know it's bullshit and I'm sorry
But the night I fell you didn't give me your hand
Just get over it forever
My shouting star will be also your shouting star