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    Gioco di bimba

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Little girl’s game

Like under a spell, she wakes up at night
Quietly walks with her eyes still closed
As if she’s following a magical song
And on the swing she keeps dreaming.
The long night gown, the milky white face
The moonlight shines on her thick hair
The wax statue stretches out on the flowers
While jealous elves peek at her.
Swing, swing, the wind pushes her
And catches stars for her wishes
A sneaky shadow crawls out from the wall
In the little girl’s game a woman is lost.
A scream in the morning, in the middle of the street
A rag man cries out for his tailor
Bewildered, he keeps repeating:
“I didn’t want to wake her like this! I didn’t want to wake her like this!”
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Gioco di bimba

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