Hatasız kul olmaz (traducción al Inglés)

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No mortal is flawless

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no mortal is flawless love me with my mistakes
no grief has a remedy set me to my remedy
i have lost myself oh please find me
i am exhaustedi am not up to it you come and pick me
i don't have any energy to cry out without a cry just hear me
for the sake of the lovers oh please love me.
love me
this crying out this longing this love kills me
even if you are away i am willing love me
i am willing love me
one can't live without hope is it possible not to love
soul means you came and see if i have mine
i have reproach in my word is it in my heart or in my tongue?
let me now promptly is that heart of yours possible
i don't have the energy to cry out hear me without it
for the sake of the lovers please love me
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Hatasız kul olmaz

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