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Look at me, Hel,
appearance half blue.
Doomed to dwell here
torture the dead,
catch them with cold.
Cold bites my cheeks,
ice and snow.
Remembering my little sister,
my mind is calm.
My mind is calm and now
I sit in her halls,
and she herself against me.
We trust bonds of speech,
us two where no one sees.
Now comes the war without weapons, the battle between good and evil
Hilmar, your soul is danger,
here is the danger you knew.
Let us rejoice, well are you guarded,
crying eyes freeze.
Hilmar, your wide-open heart
heats up all that is cold.
The spirit that men boast of
harms them despite everything
Hilmar, Hilmar,
clean are your reactions, and sharp.
Hilmar, Hilmar,
your thoughts logical and clear.
Hilmar, Hilmar,
Courage did you inherit.
Hilmar, Hilmar,
Do you have need of help?
Hilmar the good and Hilmar the remarkable,
clean are your reactions, and sharp.
Hilmar the knowing and Hilmar the strong,
your thoughts logical and clear.
Hilmar the experienced and Hilmar the glad,
Courage you inherited.
Hilmar the intelligent and Hilmar the man,
you have need of help.
Now comes the war without weapons, the battle between good and evil.
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Comentarios del autor:

I love how Hilmar tries to convince himself he's capable of bargaining with Hel to get his sister back–My mind is calm, my thoughts are sharp, I can talk to this mind-numbingly terrifying monster of death without dooming either of us, yes I can.

Not sure about the last two lines of the first verse, please fix them if you can.

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